Top 10 Most Beautiful Women and Most Handsome Men in 2021 Reviews

Being beautiful or handsome may vary based on the characteristics the beholder finds attractive however as you see diversities of cultures you cannot help but notice the variation of what is seen as handsome or beautiful. In Europe and America, being slim is what’s in vogue and classified as attractive. But in India or the Middle East, this doesn’t seem to hold true. The attractive personalities seen in movies and magazine covers more than often always look beefed up and large for men and with wide hips for women. However, there are universally attractive standards for a handsome man or beautiful woman despite cultural differences. These universal standards are based on one thing and it is how aesthetically healthy the individual looks.

In all cultures, the major criteria for being perceived as beautiful or handsome is almost always based on physical aesthetics, like symmetry. In male and female, bodies and faces that are seen to be symmetrical – that is both sides of the body match well or appear to be equal in proportions are seen to be more beautiful or handsome than opposite features. There also seem to be appreciation universally for bodies which are average. These are bodies that are not too fat, too skinny or too short in height. This is theorized to be in relation an appreciation subconsciously of genetical mechanics as average bodies give off an indication of potentially maladaptive genes absence.

Top 10 Most Handsome Men in 2021

Who qualifies as the most handsome and attractive man worldwide? A lot of people are enthusiastic and extremely crazy about the world of glitz and glamor. This is because there are a lot of fashionable, glamorous women and men who have pulled the attention of a lot of people globally. Anybody who is fascinated by the celebrity world would certainly be eager to know who the most handsome man worldwide is.

Majority of the men in the top 10 list are actors, models or come from wealthy families. These men are attractive, good looking universally and achieved great success in their respective fields.

10. Prince William

Born in 1982, on June 21, in the UK, Prince William is the first son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. He is considered one of the most handsome men in Europe as well very desirable, as every lady wants a prince in her life.

He has the perfect height and carries an aura of princely personality. In the year 2011, in the month of April, he got wedded to Kate Middleton. He is involved in a lot of humanitarian work such as helping the needy and participating in various environmental causes.

9. Tom Cruise

A famous American producer and actor, he was born on the 3rd of July, 1962, in the USA. Tom Cruise has landed himself on the top 10 most handsome men worldwide over the years and this is because he seems to transcend age and remain attractive.

His dashing personality and charming look just make women go crazy. He is very famous for his various hairstyles which continuously causes trends worldwide. Apart from his physically attractive qualities, he is extremely success lying and has taken home the Golden Globe 3 times due to his fabulous acting. Not to ignore, he is very Wealthy.

8. Noah Mills

Known for his acting and modeling skills in Canada, Noah Mills, has become a sex symbol of desire. He has extremely good height, approximately 6 ft and is very handsome, having brownish hair and hazel colored eyes, which amplifies his handsomeness.

Great news for ladies is he is currently single. He is also very passionate about his modeling career which he stepped into while in college.

7. Salman Khan

Salman Khan

Salman Khan is one of the best producers and actors in the film industry of India and has gotten numerous awards for his roles in various movies. Even though he is advanced into age, Salman Khan has appeared quite young.

He posses a great fashion sense as well as a body to die for. A lot of women in India and worldwide are obsessed with his handsomeness. What also attracts people to him is his good heart and involvement with helping the needy.

6. Omar Borkan

This popular Middle Eastern model has recently sprung into the limelight due to his gorgeous physique. His eyes have been drooled over as very sexy and his personality just makes the girls go gaga.

He was once, take out of a religious festival because of the number of women surrounding him to admire how handsome he is. This only proves Omar Borkan deserves the number 6 spot as one of the most handsome men alive.

5. Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington

Born in the USA, on the 28th of December 1954, Denzel Washington is a filmmaker and actor based in the United States. Despite his age, for decades he has remained one of the most attractive men a love.

He seems to become more handsome as he ages. His height is one of the qualities that makes him very appealing. He is involved in a lot of humanitarian work and also for various movies bagged numerous awards for his excellent performances.

4. Robert Pattinson

Actor, Musician, and Model. Pattinson is a man with many desirable features. His look is quite mesmerizing and handsome, which has been responsible for attracting a lot of women. The UK born celeb was named as the sexiest man alive by People’s Magazine in 2008. He has been a part of a lot of movies, the most popular bring twilight and has won a lot of awards as well.

3. Godfrey Gao

Occupying the 3rd spot of the top 10 most handsome men in the world is Godfrey Gao. Both in Taiwan, in 1984, he is a great actor and model, who has proven his excellence in various films.

One of the most glaring attractive features of Godfrey Gao is his dress sense. He is very attractive and is desired by a lot of females. In Asian countries of the south-east he has a massive fan base. He may not be overly glamorous but he has the capacity to magnet the crowd.

2. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, a United States actor and well-known celebrity have been a part of top movies with an outstanding display of acting. Over the decades he has remained very handsome despite aging.

His body shape is very appealing to women and his style easily attracts women. He works for a lot of charitable organization’s as well as encourages students in supporting and voting for the same.

1. Hrithik Roshan

At the number one position on the top 10 list of most handsome men is Hrithik Roshan. The Indian actor is very celebrated and famous due to his acting in various Bollywood movies.

The actor certainly deserves to be at the top piston in this list due to his height, charming nature and extremely good looking physique. As many others on this list, he is involved in a lot of charity work as well as being very wealthy.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in 2021

10. Liza Soberano

At the top 10 position of the most beautiful women in American Philippines actress who isn’t a stranger to such lists. In 2016 she was a named as number two in world’s most beautiful women. This further proves, she’s just gorgeous as new women get into the most beautiful women lists every year.

For lovers of movies from the Philippines, you would certainly notice that the nation has a lot of beautiful women. The finest of them Liza, has certainly not let the Philippines down. Asides from her work in movies, she is the face of major brands worldwide such as Maybelline.

9. Emma Watson

Emma Watson is a model and actress. She also has a side not open to public view which is her social activist involvements. This beauty was given birth in France and has grown to be a tremendous blessing to her British parents, Chris and Jacqueline Watson.

It is not a surprise she has become a beauty symbol as from childhood she has been in the limelight. At just the age of 27, she has pulled the attention of the world to her beauty and talent.

8. Priyanka Chopra

If you are a lover of Indian movies, then you certainly would have seen this beauty. In fact, a lot of Bollywood movies are watched because of her beauty.

Over the years she has maintained her beauty and has managed to be in a lot of top 10 beauty lists. She is just 34 and still has a lot to offer both in her acting career and beauty.

7. Im Jin-ah

A lot of organization’s want the face of the beautiful woman to act as their representative. Hence, it shouldn’t be of surprise to find companies hiring beautiful women as their ambassadors.

This south Korean beautiful woman is an actress aside from being a beauty queen. She has a stage name called Nana, which she is referred to as most regularly. She is one of the most beautiful women in Korea and definitely deserves a spot on this list.

6. Fahriye Evcen

The sixth spot goes to Turkey and to Fahriye Evcen. Fahriye is among the best actresses in Turkey but that was just a push to the global scene. She is multilingual and very beautiful.

Born in Germany, lovers of her work have been held spellbound by her gorgeous nature. She was also born on the 4th of June in the year 1986.

5. Alexandra Daddario

Famous for her gorgeous eyes, she was once voted as the woman with the most attractive eyes globally. This award ensured she became one of the most admired faces worldwide. She has more than one origin, although born in the USA. She also has Spanish, German, Italian, English, Irish and Italian origins.

4. Manuela Arcuri

This would certainly be an incomplete list without the inclusion of this beauty from Italy. Being one of the most beautiful women globally, she is not just a model but also a soubrette and actress. She was also voted on Buzznet polls as the most beautiful woman worldwide. In Italy, she is held in high regard as a sex symbol.

3. Taylor Hill

Taylor hill at 21 managed to pull the attention of the world. As a model, she has gotten tremendous success. She is a Victoria secret angel at the moment and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she is on the number 3 position. At the rate her fame and admiration are spreading in no time she will be the most beautiful woman worldwide.

2. Taraneh Alidoosti

She is the personification of the age being just a number. She is 33 years of age and yet has remained flawless in beauty. Being voted as Irans best TV actress of the last 10 years, her popularity seems to know no bounds internationally and in her home country.

1. Beyonce

The number one spot belongs to 35-year-old Beyonce. This black beauty has a fame that spans the ages and her beauty seems to never fade. Known for her music and humanitarian work, she has remained the desire of men globally and deserves the number one spot.

Qualities of the Top 10 Most Beautiful and Handsome Men and Women

When searching for the top 10 most beautiful women or 10 most handsome men there are some individual traits mostly associated with good physical aesthetic health. There are a lot of these traits but we will look at just a few of them which have been stated by social scientist and psychologists as universally attractive.

  • Clear Skin: In both male and females, having a skin that appears healthy and absent of rashes, acne or any other indicator of systemic imbalance is considered attractive and healthy
  • Good Hair: Being qualified as one of the most attractive men or woman in the world would certainly require having hair which is vibrant, lustrous and appears well cared for and healthy. This is considered a very attractive trait. For women, having long hair is considered attractive almost always. The scientist believes that this occurs because an individual with long hair is considered to be in good health and can have their hair grown to below the shoulder. Hair length to the waist indicates very good state in health.
  • Body Shape: For men, possessing a strong body is considered a very attractive quality. In most cultures, men that have a torso which is V-shaped are considered handsome. Some other features which qualify a man as one of the top 10 most handsome men are strong arms, a 1.0 ratio from the hip to waist, and broad shoulders. 

Women have some very interesting body qualifications for being seen as one of the most beautiful women worldwide. Women who are model thin are usually not considered as attractive by men but women who possess fuller buttocks and hips and a 0.7 ratio from hip to waist. A body that is seen as appealing usually offsets a face which isn’t so attractive. This holds to be true even greater than the opposite of face to body.

  • Smiles: A woman’s or man’s smile is most times an important consideration of their beauty or handsomeness. This is due to the psychological and physical quality of one’s ability to give off an aura of happiness and self-worth.
  • Hygiene: The ability of either sex to take care of their hair, skin, and body as well as clothing is a quality deemed as appealing.


Beauty surely surpasses individual opinion as certain accepted universal features makes some individuals more attractive than others and this what classified some women as the most beautiful. Their appealing and gorgeous physique and personality make them the desire of the international community.

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