Top 10 Best Sun Screen Fabrics in 2021 Reviews

If the sun is shining on the terrace or balcony then a suitable sun screen fabric is worth to buy. It can be easily extended in such cases and protects the people sitting under it from all weather-related adversities. Take a look at our guide to help you choose the best sun screen fabric. What is the best sun screen fabric on the market?

Having a good sun screen fabric to spend pleasant moments in the open air is essential when the high summer temperatures force us to look for shade. In the market, you will find a great diversity of models, styles, formats, colors, materials, and prices; which makes it difficult to make a purchase decision. That is why in this guide to buy the best sun screen fabric we present some aspects that you should consider before making your investment.

Best Sun Screen Fabrics in 2021 Reviews

10. E.share Sun Screen Fabric

E.share Sun Screen Fabric

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In order to meet the high demands on Sun Screen Fabric materials, this fabric is manufactured from UV-resistant material. Due to its over-width of approx. 300 cm it enables a surface protection without disturbing intermediate seams. The fabric is permeable to air and provides shade without heat build-up. The shading value becomes higher the darker the color is. The material is UV treated.
Thanks to the appropriate fabric setting, it is a sturdy net that is also ideal for lightweight membrane construction.

It complies with the appropriate fire protection regulations. The actual fire protection consists of an impregnation that is durable, but which succumbs to nipples and moisture or disappears altogether. The product itself is washable, but the flame retardant will be lost by a wish. The goods can be re-imprinted without problems.

9. Directshade Sun Screen Fabric

Directshade Sun Screen Fabric

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Directshade Sun Screen Fabric is an outdoor fabric that meets all the requirements of a fabric for outdoor use. Its properties such as dimensional stability, high light fastness recommend this material, especially for outdoor use. Great covers for folding chairs, beach chairs, the matching pillows, as well as balcony paneling as a screen and much more can be conjured up from this fabric. The goods are very easy to sew, glue and staple.

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8. Shatex Sun Screen Fabric

Shatex Sun Screen Fabric

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With this water-repellent awning fabric, you can create a beautiful and effective sunscreen, which sometimes can stand a few drops of water. Matching the awning you can buy the upholstery of your balcony and garden furniture with this fabric again and possibly attach curtains in the conservatory or on the balcony as a visual and sun protection.

In addition, the material is dirt and water repellent and it has an Anti-pilling gear Level 4 (on a scale of 1-5). The cotton content gives the fabric a natural look, while the polyester content makes it crease-resistant and extremely easy-care. This fabric is part of our outdoor decoration combo program. Browse through our categories! Matching this we have uncoated decorative fabrics in the excess width of 280 cm in stock.

7. Sunshades Depot Sun Screen Fabric

Sunshades Depot Sun Screen Fabric

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The Sunshades Depot Sun Screen Fabric has a classic design. The easy-to-handle articulated sun screen fabric presents itself in a pretty blue-and-white striped design reminiscent of Italian ice cream parlors, the summer, and the south. The wavy cut on the front is also a classic among the sun screen fabric designs, so this model fits perfectly on every balcony and brings a colorful freshness kick.

With dimensions of 295 x 250 cm, it is large enough to cover even larger balcony or terrace areas well and to protect against aggressive sun rays in midsummer. The processing of the fabric and the likewise white frame is very high quality and durable, an enormous longevity is guaranteed. The double steel cables bring a high degree of stability, which withstands even a light summer storm, but in strong winds or storms, the sun screen fabric should rather be retracted, which is quick and easy with the rotary handle. The angle of inclination is infinitely variable from 0 to 30 cm and can be adjusted as desired. In addition, a spirit level is integrated here, which makes a precise adjustment of the articulated arms possible in no time at all. And last but not least, the price is right.

6. Windscreen4less Sun Screen Fabric

Windscreen4less Sun Screen Fabric

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This sun screen fabric made by Windscreen4less is particularly easy to assemble because there is no need to drill or dowel. This makes it perfect for rented apartments because it can be removed without leaving any residue. It is of very high quality, hard-wearing and durable. With hand crank and chain drive, it can be easily moved in and out in seconds. The fabric made of acrylic is even washable when needed, it is colorfast and water and dirt repellent.

The design in orange does not suit all tastes, but maybe not so bad for a small price. It goes without saying that a sun screen fabric of this kind must necessarily be retracted in severe weather. And even then, the sun screen fabric tends to break in strong winds or frequent use. All in all, you get here for small money a good sun screen fabric that does its job perfectly in the summer and can be stored in the winter in the garage or in the garden shed.

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5. Coolaroo Sun Screen Fabric

 Coolaroo Sun Screen Fabric

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The Coolaroo Sun Screen Fabric adapts beautifully to any ambiance and does not stand out too much. Unfortunately, the fabric bleaches out pretty quickly, which is not dramatic, because you see it from the bottom rather than from above, but still a clear drawback.

The fabric is hardwearing and weatherproof, but above all, this sun screen fabric is also suitable as a shade dispenser on hot summer days above the balcony or the terrace. A light to the heavy rain shower, it can also ward off well but should be retracted in storm, wind and heavy rain. With the easy-to-use hand crank, this is also done quickly and no problem. The sun screen fabric must be mounted on the wall, which is sometimes not so easy and requires a little skill. But you get that right in pairs.

4. EFFT Life Sun Screen Fabric

EFFT Life Sun Screen Fabric

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Multifunctional UV-stabilized shading net super suitable for darkening or shading of film tunnels, greenhouses, cold frames, conservatories, ponds also used as privacy screens, game protection, foliage protection, windbreak or fenestration. Easy attachment with cable ties or eyelets (not included).This sun screen fabric is timelessly beautiful and very classic, so it fits perfectly into any environment and protects against strong sunlight and light rain. When not in use, it can be easily retracted with a hand crank – which makes sense in strong wind, rain, snow or storm. A shiver in the summer, the durable material but always from. The workmanship is impeccable and provides a long life of the sun screen fabric model. With dimensions of 400 x 300 x 160 cm, it is large enough to cover and protect part of the terrace or balcony. Attached in front of the window, sun screen fabrics can also be wonderful shade for plants inside the home or house, the heat does not tolerate so well.

The lightweight aluminum frame is anodized and powder-coated, which also makes it particularly durable. He is also held in a beautiful white and complements perfectly with the sun screen fabric. The materials are not only weather-resistant but also dirt-repellent, so that the creamy white does not show signs of contamination after a short time. This model can be mounted on the wall as well as on the ceiling, the assembly takes place on its own, which requires a little craftsmanship know-how. Brackets, mounting screws and detailed instructions are of course included. If you want to buy a cheap sun screen fabric in an elegant style, you are well advised.

3. FenceSmart4U Sun Screen Fabric

FenceSmart4U Sun Screen Fabric

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With the FenceSmart4U Sun Screen Fabric, you are protected from the sun. The flexible, lightweight glass fibers in the warp direction have no thermal expansion, so that tissue remains dimensionally stable over the entire temperature range. The transversely woven metallic weft wires impart the requisite transverse stability to the fabric which is necessary for applications with large working widths and those where excessive shrinkage forces are experienced by the product.

The profile of this innovation is rounded off by a non-stick coating, which makes it possible to process even highly adhesive products on this tape without causing contamination of the tape. The main area of application will be the production of bulky nonwovens in which the strip is magnetically held high in a double belt dryer. Here is the low basis weight at the same time high magnetic content of great advantage.

2. Fence4ever Tan Beige Sunscreen Shade Fabric

Fence4ever Tan Beige Sunscreen Shade Fabric 

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For more efficient sun protection on facades, the new, innovative sunscreen fabric ensures a better energy reflection. Despite its increased mass in the depth, the sunscreen fabric looks visually as light as the related fabrics in the market. It also provides the desired transparency at the respective location of the facade – for example, to ensure the best possible view of windows and the daylight while masonry is maximally shaded. Depending on the architect’s planning, individual fabric webs can consist of segments with different openness – thanks to the weaving technology.

SoFence4ever Tan Beige Sunscreen Shade Fabric creates a lot of design and functional flexibility on facades, it ensures particularly effective sun protection, sustainable energy savings and it can significantly increase the energy efficiency of buildings. No matter whether it is rather small fabric webs or space-filling elements up to 4 m wide and 25 m long.

1. Easy Gardener Sun Screen Fabric

Easy Gardener Sun Screen Fabric

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This canvas fabric is made in the classic Panama binding. The typical structure gives this fabric a very nice look. With an overall width of approx. 280 cm, it is ideally suited for larger sun protection sails or for decorating larger surfaces such as over curtains and much more. Due to the excess width, no or only a few intermediate seams are needed. A great quality: The cotton content ensures a natural fabric feel and the beautiful look, the polyester content makes it easy to care for. The light fastness is 4 (pretty good, on a scale of 1 – 8).

You get this canvas fabric in other colors and with other designs. The matching fabrics can be found below this article.

Sun Screen Fabric Buying guide

  • Materials: The materials with which the sun screen fabrics are made must be of high quality and durability; that guarantee a long life of the product since it is an element that will be constantly exposed to any meteorological phenomenon, both sun, rain, and even the salinity of the sea. The most used materials for the manufacture of sun screen fabrics are plastic, aluminum, wood, and steel. Some manufacturers mix various materials such as aluminum and stainless steel to offer better results since they offer resistance to corrosion. If your garden has a classic touch, wooden sun screen fabrics are an excellent choice, they are high quality and durable; It is not the same when it comes to totally plastic sun screen fabrics. With respect to the cover, today we have models of sun screen fabrics with technological fabrics. The classic canvases are made with fibers that do not discolor, repel stains and are anti-mold, we also have sun screen fabrics made in polyester of the last generation, which also blocks the passage of UV rays.
  • Design: Before choosing a sun screen fabric model, it is important to take into account the surroundings of the garden, the design of your outdoor dining room or the chairs you have on the terrace, as well as the decoration and plants that live there; the idea is that you achieve a harmonious and pleasantly decorated environment with objects that complement each other. Today, you can find styles that not only cover you from the sun, but also integrate new fabrics that protect you from UV rays, face the wind, rain and offer a wider shadow area, since they allow you to the mast can be adjusted in height and be tilted at your convenience according to the position of the sun. You can also find sun screen fabrics in a great diversity and intensity of colors, prints, some with fringes, and others with flight, etc. Knowing the benefits of each model and how much it costs, will help you choose a good and economical sun screen fabric that fits your needs.
  • Dimensions: When buying an outdoor sun screen fabric, the height and size are factors that you must take into account; these will depend on the available area that you have in your terrace or garden. The size of the parasol will determine the amount of shadow you will receive, so it is important to know what space you have and how much shade you need. You cannot install a large sun screen fabric in a small garden, as the result will not be entirely harmonious. It is advisable to look for a parasol that provides an extra width over the dining room or the chairs that you have on your outdoor balcony. With regard to the height of the mast, the ideal is that it is high enough so that everyone can move without problems, but not so high that it loses its function of protecting us from the sun. The average height is 2.5 meters, with a minimum of 2, however, there are many more options.


If you do not want to be able to sew the awning yourself, check the configurator. Here you can easily configure your customized awning. The price development and the final price are displayed online – an annoying waiting for an offer is eliminated. With just one click you then place your order in the shopping cart.

Once the payment is cleared, your order will be forwarded to our professional tailor shop. Find the right accessories for processing here in our shop. The canvas can be easily sewed, impregnated, glued and stapled.

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