Top 10 Best Sanus Speaker Stands in 2021 Reviews

Speaker stands are an important component in your home theater system, they usually provide good support for the speakers to give ultimate sound quality, you do not have to place the speakers on bench, chairs or tables because the Speaker stands is there for you. In this article, we have done some research and come up with Top 10 Best Sanus speaker stands in 2021 Reviews that will deliver to your expectations.

Best Sanus Speaker Stands Reviews

Read details about each speaker stand below:

10. ANUS Adjustable Model: HTBS Height Speaker Stand

ANUS Adjustable Model: HTBS Height Speaker Stand

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It is logical to put much trust in the products that come with the warranties. This is actually the reasons as to why these sinus speaker stands become favorite to the consumer. They usually come with the 5-year warranty from the manufacturer and are being constructed with the top-notch material. Each of this sinus speaker stands is built to balance the optimum sound and which delivers the notable difference. They indeed can support speakers weighing up to 3.5lbs and they have simplest assembly process.

Also, these sinus speaker stands are very perfect for any of the home theater. The height is adjustable, therefore the speakers which have the weight of up to 3.5 lbs will be positioned in 28 inches to 38 inches from a floor for the customized setup. Assembling it will take some minutes using just the Phillips screwdriver. This sinus speaker stand Includes the top plate, keyhole mount adapters and L-shaped brackets which fit many satellite speakers which are small.

Check Product Features
  • Fits most satellite speakers
  • Height-adjustable stand
  • 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Includes top plate and L-shaped brackets
  • Integrated wire channel
  • Fit most small satellite speakers
  • Assembled in minutes
  • Some customers say does not fit some speakers9. Sanus Wireless Sonos WSS22-B1 Speaker Stand

9. Sanus Wireless Sonos Speaker Stand for Sonos One

Sanus Wireless Sonos Speaker Stand for Sonos One

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This sanus speaker stands actually fits Sonos ONE, PLAY:3 and PLAY:1 and is being designed precisely to complement the modern brand aesthetics. Offering the compatibility with Sonos PLAY:3 to either the horizontal or the vertical orientation, versatile WSS21 places the wireless speaker to the manufacturer’s accepted listening height which promise the best audio performance. The stands are being sold as pairs or single pieces to allow any type of the system arrangement, whether the home theater, ambient listening or surround sound.

For the seamless appearance free of the pesky cables, you secure cords to back the stand for the complete concealment. Assembling it is very easier which can take 15 minutes then you will be enjoying the perfect sound within no time.

You need to place your speaker at a manufacturer’s commended height for the accurate sound distribution and firmly supports speaker for the optimum bass response.

Check Product Features
  • Anodized aluminum stand
  • Compatible
  • Cord-free look
  • Assembling is easily
  • Assembled in minutes
    • The sound is accurately distributed
    • Firmly supports speaker
  • Some customer says that the bottom of the stand is uneven.8. Sanus Home Series Theater Adjustable Height Height – HTB3 Speakers Stands
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8. Sanus Home Theater Series Adjustable Height Speakers Stands for Satellite Speakers

Sanus Home Theater Series Adjustable Height Speakers Stands for Satellite Speakers

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The Home SANUS Theater HTB3 Series is the adjustable black speaker stands for the satellite speakers up to about 4 lbs. Its heavy gauge offset shaped steel pillars is adjustable as from 26 up to 39 inches for the optimum acoustics.

The stable steel black teardrop base usually includes the rubber feet and the carpet spikes for the superior stability to any of the surface. It includes the top plate, the “L” brackets and the QuickMount adapter for the speakers with the keyholes at the back. Actually, this product is being sold in a pair.

Check Product Features
  • Easily adjustable
    Stylish look
  • Fits many small satellite speakers
  • Superior stability
  • Heavy gauge steel pillars
  • Simple to assemble
  • None7. Sanus Adjustable Height Black Pair Wireless Speaker Stands

7. Sanus Adjustable Height Wireless Speaker Stands

Sanus Adjustable Height Wireless Speaker Stands

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These pair of speaker stands was well designed for a purpose of the elegance and the functionality. They actually incorporate the attractive design with the sturdy construction for the ultimate support. The base actually incorporates the rubberized feet which provide the non-slip surface. Also, this speaker stand can be fitted with the adjustable spikes which are used on the soft carpeted surface. Its base and the column conceal the wires perfectly.

These stands usually fit both the SONO PLAY:1 together with SONO PLAY:3 speakers. It is well-designed for the SONOS ONE, Play:3 and Play:1

Check Product Features
  • Has tool free
  • Adjustable height
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Press fit cables management
  • Adjustable spikes
  • Easy to install
  • Has floor compatibility
  • Easy to clean
  • It is stable
  • Fits few speakers
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6. Sanus BF24B 24 Inch Pair Speaker Stands

Sanus BF24B 24 Inch Pair Speaker Stands

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The Sanus BF24B 24 Speaker Stand has a strong rack. The stand is simple to mount and comes with a great design. It is made of medium density fiber core that will reduce resonance and has a concealed wire management that makes it simple to pass the wires when connecting the speakers to your home theater.

In addition to that, it comes in a Twin contoured pillars that provide rigidity as well as support.
Most Consumers appreciate the strong construction, good design, and flexibility. It will fit most speakers and has force fit floor spikes. It also blends perfectly with your furniture at your home.

Check Product Features
  • Concealed wire management
  • Force-Fit Floor Spikes
  • Twin contoured pillars
  • Fibercore to minimize resonance
  • Give support and rigidity
  • blend with all home theater décor
  • The product is stable
  • None

5. Sanus Adjustable Height Tool-Free Wireless Speaker Stands- Single Black

 Sanus Adjustable Height Tool-Free Wireless Speaker Stands- Single Black

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This Speaker Stand is ideal for Play:3, Play: 1 and SONOS ONE speakers and comes with adjustable height from 30 inches to 42 inches and makes it to achieve an optimal and great performance, furthermore it is simple to install and only takes around 15 minutes and you are ready to listen to your favorite music.

The cables are well fitted and you can run them at the back of the to give complete concealment, in addition to that, it is made of anodized aluminum and this makes this speaker stand to have a nice look and matches perfectly with SONOS speakers

Check Product Features
  • Easy 15-minute install
  • sleek concealment of cables
  • have a sleek looking
  • easy to adjust the speakers
  • Perfect to place your SONOS ONE speakers
  • Tool free height adjustability
  • All floor compatibility
  • Some customers say that they saw few scratches on the item once they received it.4. Sanus NF24C 24-inch Cherry (Pr.) Speaker Stands
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4. Sanus NF24C Cherry (Pr.) 24-inch Speaker Stands

Sanus NF24C Cherry (Pr.) 24-inch Speaker Stands

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Mounting satellite, bookshelf and another kind of speakers has been made easy with this kind Speaker Stands. It has a well-constructed to hold different speakers because of its universal fit, in addition to that, it is made with a sleek black finish that provides nice looking and made of aluminum for strength as well as stability

The base of this Speaker Stands has detachable carpet spikes that will steady hold it on the floor. It also has adjustable height and thus you can place the speaker at a suitable location for great performance. The Sanus NF24C speaker stand is sold in a pair and has a patented wire channel that will protect the cables.

Check Product Features
  • Speaker isolation options
  • 24-inch stand
  • Includes adjustable carpet spikes for stability
  • Sold in pair
  • Provides resonance damping for speakers.
  • Patented wire channel protects cables.
  • adjustable-height
  • Not suited for very heavy speakers.

3. Sanus Systems EF-SATB Adjustable Satellite Black Speaker Stands

Sanus Systems EF-SATB Adjustable Satellite Black Speaker Stands

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The Sanus Systems speaker stand is compatible with most speakers and looks great when it is on your home, it features a cast-iron base that has rubber feet and this will makes it perfect to fit at any floor. It has a sturdy pillar that can be adjusted up to 24 inches and the wire path is well concealed to give ideal organization of the cables.

This item comes in pair and provides great performance all the time. Furthermore, it features a cast-iron base that will give strong support and have less resonance at the floor surface, additionally, it can support satellite speakers that have a weight less than 10 pounds.

Check Product Features
  • Adjustable height 28 to 42 inches
  • Conceal unsightly cables
  • Provide more stability
  • Has minimum resonance on the floor surface
  • Backed with a five-year warranty
  • Enhance the sound quality
  • Takes a few minutes to install
  • Few reviewers say that stand is wobbly.

2. SANUS Adjustable Height WSSA2-W1 Wireless Speaker Stands

 SANUS Adjustable Height WSSA2-W1 Wireless Speaker Stands

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Here comes our next product from SANUS, it has an adjustable height and you can place your speaker to the ideal listening height. You do not require any too to adjust and the height varies from 30 inches to 42 inches, furthermore, it only takes 15 minutes to install hence you can assemble and listen to your music at any time.

The cables usually run at the back of this stand and ensure complete concealment; furthermore, it is compatible with Sonos Play: 3 either vertical or horizontal orientations. It will likewise deliver optimum audio experience depending on your listening needs

Check Product Features
  • Adjustable height 30 to 42 inches
  • The stand gives complete concealment of cables
  • Easy 15-minute install
  • Beautiful look
  • All floor compatibility
  • Adjustable to provide ideal listening height
  • Provide optimum performance
  • Some reviewers say the base is small.1. Sanus Natural NF30C 30 Inch Foundations Speaker Stands

1. Sanus Natural Foundations 30 Inch Speaker Stands, Pair (Cherry) – NF30C

Sanus Natural Foundations 30 Inch Speaker Stands, Pair (Cherry) - NF30C

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This sanus speaker stands to feature the heavy-duty steel of audiophile construction. They usually provide the four-pillar support which serves to offer the exceptional stability and the rigidity. Top plate actually includes the isolation pads which eliminates the vibration for the superior sound quality. Adjustable spiked feet generally make it best for placing to the carpeted surfaces. These stands will support the speakers weighing 15 to 75 pounds.

This sanus speaker stand can support the heavy-duty construction which guarantees the maximum stability. These stands are actually stylish, functional which come in the solid black finish which matches different decor schemes. Its base is very wide which assists to prevent the unit from falling down. It is well fitted with the rubber feet which keep it fit from sliding. Cables management system usually hides speaker wires from the view. These stands are the excellent match for the bookshelf speakers.

Check Product Features
  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Solid black finish
  • Have rubber feet
  • Adjustable spiked feet
  • Have isolation pads
  • Offer superior sound quality
  • Offer maximum stability
  • Stands are actually stylish
  • Offer rigidity
  • Has an excellent match
  • None

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Sanus Speaker Stands

  • Height: When looking for the best sanus speaker stand, you will have to take into consideration its height. The best speaker stand needs to be placed in a right height to offer the best sound to the listeners. You will be required to have the stand which is about 263 to 336 of inches in the height. Some of the height stand models permit the users to adjust the height at any height you require.
  • Weight: The most basic thing to put into consideration when choosing the best sanus speaker stand is the weight rating of the speaker stand. You need to know whether your speaker stand is strong enough to support the weight of the speakers. Having the stand with the low weight rating can lead to unstable speakers when you are placing it on top of a stand. You will also need to put the weight capacity in your mind. It is the simple law of the physics where the narrower top that is sturdier than the base may result in a stand tipping over.
  • Cable Managing: The Speakers wires may be either hidden or exposed; these are actually the only two choices which are there. Both the steel and the wooden sanus speaker stands offer different cable channels. You are needed to pay the closer attention to cable size and then see if it can fit through the required channels.
  • Security: The secure speaker stands are one worth buying. Basing on the design, they may become the knocked over to any given time. The best sanus speaker stands can have the solid and the heavy feel. To actually test if a stand is well secure, tap this stand with the knuckles to see whether it moves. When you hear that there is no sound or there is bit of it, the changes can be the stand is actually solid. Alternatively, the stands may have the sand being placed inside to increase the security.


If you need the best sound, you are required to invest in the best speaker stands. They will actually help sound in a room sound to be more realistic and also prevents the bass from not losing the quality when being played.

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