Top 10 Best Room Divider Curtains in 2021

A room divider curtain doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Whether you want some privacy or a place to hide clutter, there are plenty of options on the market that’ll get the job done while revitalizing your living space at the same time.

Any set worth your attention should mount in a cinch and last reasonably long. The size has to be on point – depending on how big your room is. You’re better off with a pair that cleans quickly too. Of course, you want one that folds in a snap for convenient storage.

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of the best room divider curtains on the market spread across various budgets, styles, materials, and sizes.

Best Room Divider Curtain Review

10. bluCOASTLINE Room Divider

bluCOASTLINE Room Divider

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An excellent pick for a room with a window facing the rising sun, this curtain features textured, plush polyester, complete with a blackout liner. It is available in six size options so you can have more choices, whether you want to hang the panel in your shared bedroom or partition your office.

The fabric is insulating, making the set perfect for a humid home. Meanwhile, the 1.6-inch eyelets ensure the divider hangs securely from embedded grommet for quick opening and closing. The assortment of color includes black, greyish white, beige, gray, tan, and navy blue to blend with a variety of interior decors.

You shouldn’t have a problem getting rid of dirt from this piece. It is machine washable, even in cold weather. The lightweight design (about 4 pounds) means you can carry your curtain from point A to B comfortably. Reviewers love the stellar privacy and solid construction coupled with good light blocking.

One more thing – because this divider sports a single color from top to bottom, it’ll come in handy if you’re looking for a photography background – now, that’s versatility right there!

9. Godear Design Sliding Panel

Godear Design Sliding Panel

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The Godear sliding panel will do the job if a curtain isn’t robust enough for your room dividing needs. Made from a mix of polyester and paper, it touts four panels measuring 26 inches wide and 96 inches tall.

We vouch for this divider if you’re in for flexibility. The unit features an integrated four-rail track that adjusts between 45.8 and 86 inches. Do you know what that means? Well, it implies you can fiddle with both the height and width to create a custom-made room, specifically tailored to your requirements.

You will love the super thoughtful, nature-inspired design. Each unit flaunts a mesh-like appearance that infiltrates some light while providing privacy. The texture, by extension, ensures that you can clean the unit quickly – with a vacuum or duster.

Mounting this thing into place is as easy as 1-2-3. It comes with two control stacks that allow you to flex the built in metal wand to the left or right in a breeze. With what it has to offer, this curtain can double up as a cover for large windows or balcony doors.

8. Deconovo Privacy Curtain

Deconovo Privacy Curtain

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Deconovo has perfected the art of making first-class home décor supplies, and this set is proof enough. Available in a collection of six laid-back colors, it’ll complement your room’s current aesthetics while providing the privacy you need to stay secluded.

Those who have used this curtain praise its room darkening effectiveness and the stylish feel of the high-density fabric. You can choose from a selection of eight sizes based on how you want to partition your space.

The best room divider curtain should be easy to install, and this one doesn’t fall short. Each panel features up to 12 silver-coated grommets for quick, effortless hanging. In the meantime, the specially stitched hems ensure the edges remain uniform with no loose threads.

You can count on this piece to maintain its original color, with consistent use. The revolutionary, triple weave construction not only helps keep sun rays at bay but also guarantees reliable, fade-free performance.

Even more impressive, the design shields you from outside noise and offers heat insulation. The ripple effect is reduced energy costs – since you don’t have to turn on your thermostat.

7. Utopia Décor Room Divider

Utopia Décor Room Divider

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Here’s a good pick if you don’t have the money to spend but are scouting for a high-quality curtain to divide your space. Beautiful and trendy with silver stars imprints, it is ideal for partitioning your kid’s bedroom or nursery.

Despite the reasonable pricing, this set doesn’t disappoint when it comes to blocking light. It can blackout up to eighty-five percent of the sun getting into your room. Like its counterpart above, this divider uses triple weave technology to ensure that UV rays don’t access the secluded area.

The choice of colors ranges from navy blue to pink, gray, black, and red – the darker the color, the more the ability to block light. Other notable highlights include energy-efficient construction, thermal insulation, soundproofing, and a fade-resistant performance.

Reviewers love the fact the set doesn’t get wrinkles after washing. The soft, durable 100% polyester material is also a primary attraction with most users. Many recommend the panel if you’re a day or later sleeper, thanks to the darkening blinds.

6. Turquoize Room Divider

Turquoize Room Divider

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This room divider curtain from Turquoize is available in a whopping eleven hues, but what caught our attention the most is the long, sweeping lines it creates. These not only draw the eyes from the floor to the ceiling but also make your room feel taller.

The material is ultra-soft, smooth to the touch with a velvety, luxurious feeling. We love the eco-friendly design with breathable fabric to allow fresh air into your space. With dimensions of 100 by 8.3 feet, this set is perfect for dividing large rooms or covering glass sliding doors.

Each panel features three-layers of weaving for front and back privacy. What more? The manufacturer has attached up to eight years of limited warranty for this product. In other words, Turquoize trusts in the quality of this curtain and aren’t afraid to back it up – for you, this translates to value for your money.

Note – While these curtains are room-darkening, they don’t offer blackout privacy, so keep that in mind before spending your cash. Even then, they are excellent for large bay windows and living rooms.

5. Duosuny Window Panel

Duosuny Window Panel

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This room divider is a good choice for layering under a heavier drape to keep you away from your dorm mates while allowing in plenty of light. Patterned with shiny silver ribbons, it is versatile enough to hang in any window within your living space. It works well for patios, wedding parties, coffee houses, and restaurants.

Sure, this panel isn’t as heavy-duty as the options we’ve reviewed so far but it is perfect for creating a relaxed ambiance irrespective of the setting. And the beauty of it is that each curtain features 1.9-inch slots that can work with most rods and poles.

Affordable and water-repellent, Duosuny will also come in handy if you’re looking for a set that will soften the sunlight under a covered pergola or patio. Whenever you want to use it for display, the eighteen colors will give you more than enough to choose from.

Tip – You can hang two panels back to back if you want to block some light. This curtain is best used for decorative purposes or guiding foot traffic in your house.

4. H.VERSAILTEX Room Divider


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This set is big, super big. Measuring 100 by 108 inches, these are one of the best room dividers for extensive yard entrances, city loft or basement. The panel is also a good option if you want to reinvent your space, apartment, or workspace to make it shareable.

Enjoy natural 99% natural blackout every time you hang the curtain, aided by high-density construction. You’ll be glad to know this piece can block noise from outside for a quiet, peaceful environment whether you want to sleep or spend some time alone.

As for the style, you can go for the royal blue for a 100% shading effect or pure white if you’d rather let in some light. Or, you can pick your favorite color from an assortment of eleven other hues, including brown, burgundy, and stone blue.

As you would expect from a set in its class, this piece is PVC free and Eco-friendly, so it’s safe to use for your kid’s room. The material is breathable to ensure your space remains airy too.

3. NICETOWN Room Divider

NICETOWN Room Divider

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NICETOWN boasts 20 years of churning out premium curtains and related products. This room divider is not only highly-rated but also cleverly designed to enable you to create new rooms without erecting walls.

Top on the list of its impressive features is 14 grommets with a 1.6-inch diameter for easy hanging. And then there’s lustrous sheen that gives the neutral-toned fabric a multi-dimensional depth. Reviewers note the dividers are lightweight, making them ideal for a serene bedroom that doesn’t require a lot of darkening.

You can toss these into your washing machine to freshen up the look every once in a while – the takeaway here is that the material can withstand up water as hot as 85 degrees Fahrenheit. You can even iron to get rid of crises without ruining the quality.

The smallest size of option is 8.3 by 7 feet, while the biggest choice measures 15 by 9 feet to give you the flexibility you need to partition multiple spaces from a shared bedroom to hospitals and studios.

2. Rose Home Fashion Room Divider

Rose Home Fashion Room Divider

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This vibrant polyester room divider curtain by the renowned Rose Home Fashion adds a perfect pop of beige into your bedroom or living room. Weighing about 3 pounds, the panel will drape smoothly from the ceiling to the floor, blocking the harsh sun rays from streaming in.

Want to keep people away from seeing you as you quietly lay on your bed? No problem! This curtain’s fabric is thick, ensuring that no one sees through to guarantee you complete privacy. On top of that, the set has six to seven pins sewed a couple of inches apart to give you a drape that mimics the one found in five-star hotels.

Reviewers are quick to note that this curtain comes already ironed so you can start to use it right out of the box. And with the robust grommet at the top, installing the divider shouldn’t take you more than five minutes.

How big is this thing? Well, it comes in seven size options so you can bet there’s everything for your needs whether you want to cover your kitchen window or loft.

1. PONY DANCE Vertical Blinds

PONY DANCE Vertical Blinds

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These divider curtains are in a class of their own – in every sense of the word. First, they use a 200 GSM polyester fabric that is both soft and durable. Unlike most lightweight options, they provide exemplary sound insulation and shading.

Each panel has dimensions of 7 by 8.3 feet to provide extra coverage for optimal privacy. And yes, you can choose from a collection of five colors, including mocha, black, grey, beige, and white, as per your taste and preference.

What’s more? The fourteen anti-stain grommets make it easy to draw and mount your curtain. Note – the holes measure 1.6 inches so they can fit most rods.

When you’re not using this set to divide your space, it’ll come in handy as a window curtain, while giving your other benefits such as thermal insulation. To top it all off, if this particular panel is too big for your needs, you can opt from the smaller options available in thirteen sizes.

Tip – Consider steam-cleaning to increase durability.

How to Choose the Best Room Divider Curtains – Buyer’s Guide

Okay, not every room divider curtain is worth your attention. Like any other purchase, you want a set that can offer value for your cash. Do you know what this means? Well, it implies that you need to put a couple of things into consideration to get your money’s worth.

Here’s what should be running through your mind when scouting for a divider curtain;

The Material

This is perhaps the most crucial consideration to make when scouting for a room divider. Why? Well, because, by extension, it determines the durability of your set. Most pieces in our reviews above are fabric-made, but you can opt for wood, paper, wood, or a combination.

Keep in mind your divider’s material also has a role to play when it comes to the panel’s ability to remain in a static position. It also dictates how good the curtain can block light and sound.

The Structure

Some room dividers available in the market today feature foldable panels. There are single pieces as well that you can place on the floor hang from your ceiling.

The Style

Sure, the primary purpose of a room divider is just that – partition your space. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the overall design. You’re better off with a set that adds panache to your room. The long and short of it is that you should check to see if the curtain you’re about to buy is trendy and stylish.

At the very least, choose one with a color that matches your interior décor. Think of the curtain as an accessory to beautify your space.

Ease of Installation

You don’t want to struggle for ten minutes trying to mount your room divider, do you? Of course not! Therefore, choose a set that comes with eyelets at the top for quick installation. Be sure to check the diameter of the holes.

Whenever possible, buy a piece with eyelets measuring 1.9 in diameter – these are compatible with all rods and poles.


At times, you may need to adjust your divider – either you’re closing, widening, or opening the panel). Check to see if the set you want to buy features lightweight material. Interior décor experts recommend that you avoid fixed or heavy room curtain dividers.

Ease of Clean

You must clean your curtain after a month or two. Ensure that you choose a set that’s easy to clean. Here, consider picking a piece that’s machine washable.


The last thing that you want is a room divider that cannot get the job done. Pay close attention to the height and width to make sure that it matches the panel you purchase is big enough for your room.

At the same time, you shouldn’t select something that’ll crowd your space. The best advice is to take measurements of your room before you go looking for a divider.

Lastly, ensure that your curtain of choice is foldable. That way, you can tuck it conveniently away when you not in use.

In Conclusion

This buyer’s guide sums up our collection of the best room divider curtains. With the info provided here, we hope that you’re now in a position to spend your money on a set that offers value for your cash and, most importantly, meets your requirements.

We will keep updating the list from time to time to ensure this resource remains as helpful as possible.

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