Top 10 Best Ring Video Doorbells in 2021

Are you tired of going to your door to check who is calling every time you have a visitor? A ring door video doorbell can be your best solution. This bell will allow you to view your visitors without opening your door. This is very important for your security and that of your property. You will not be compelled to open your door to suspicious people.

You will enjoy a peaceful life knowing your property is being securely monitored. However, if you want the doorbell to be effective, you have to choose the best. So, with so many models out there in the market, how can you choose the best? Below is the guide of the best ring video doorbells in 2021 to help you make an informed choice.

Best Ring Video Doorbell Review

Read more details about each ring video doorbell below:

10. Ring Wi-Fi Support Satin Nickel Video Doorbell

Ring Wi-Fi Support Satin Nickel Video Doorbell

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You can get live video at any time using this hardwired ring video doorbell. It is compatible with devices running on all major platforms. Whether it is a Mac or Windows personal computer, an Android or iOS mobile device, this doorbell is compatible is compatible with all of them.

It requires a Wi-Fi connection to operate. You don’t have to worry whether the doorbell will pick your Wi-Fi when outside. As long as it’s near the router, it will easily pick the connection. It has to be in the range of 20 feet and go through only a single wall. You can use a Wi-Fi booster if there are too many walls or if your connection is weak.

  • Installation is easy
  • Good performance
  • Needs Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Compatible with common operating systems
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9. Ring Video Doorbell Elite

Ring Video Doorbell Elite

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This doorbell device can give you the security you need for your home. It allows you to directly speak with the person at the door that wants to enter your house. That means if you don’t want somebody to enter your house, you can discuss whatever they want while they are outside. This is good for night visitors who may be pretending to inquire something but later turn out to be dangerous people. You can answer their inquiries while they are outside.

This device offers a 1080 HD view to give you. There will be no room for mistaken identity which can lead to granting access to somebody dangerous into your house. You will get fast alerts with this device if need be. Installation is not a problem with this device. No special skills or tools required. You can launch real-time video with your voice using Alexa. It’s compatible with mobile devices or your PC. You have the freedom to move around your home while keeping monitor of who wants to access it.

  • Excellent 1080 HD view
  • Easy installation
  • Non-stop power and connection using Ethernet cable
  • Infrared night vision
  • Live view on demand
  • Speak, hear, and see from your computer

8. Ring Spotlight Security Video Doorbell

Ring Spotlight Security Video Doorbell

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This device has a two-way talk to allow interaction with your visitors while they stand at the door. There is also a Siren Alarm to help you raise the alarm if you are in danger. It works with Alexa meaning you can launch real-time video with your voice. It has LED light on each and a lens with a viewing angle of 140 degrees which automatically activates itself when it senses motion.

The motion sensor has a detection range of 270 degrees. With all these features, it can be hard to miss anything even in darker places. It has a 1080 HD video streaming support. You won’t mistake anything as the video will be very clear. The two-way talk has noise cancellation capability of up to 30 feet which gets rid of any noise that may distract you when talking with your visitors. You won’t miss anything.

  • Two way talk support
  • Integrated alarm siren
  • Works on Alexa
  • Clear night vision support
  • Alerts you when motion is detected
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery
  • 1080 HD support
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7. Ring Spotlight Plugged-in HD camera video doorbell

Ring Spotlight Plugged-in HD camera video doorbell

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This is another quality ring video doorbell that can help you boost the security of your home. It has an awesome field of view to allow you easily tell who is at your doorstep. Installation is simple and won’t need any special skills or tools to get it down. With a 1080 HD camera video quality, it will be hard to miss anything.

You can view live videos on demand to allow you to monitor your home at any time. The siren alarm allows you raise the alarm if you are in danger. The device has two-way talk support for easy interaction with your visitors. However, the person on the other side has to wait for you to finish talking before they start talking.

  • Amazing responsiveness
  • Excellent video clarity
  • Night view support
  • Automatic alert when motion is detected
  • Works with Alex
  • Two-way talk
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6. Ring Chime Pro Video Doorbell

Ring Chime Pro Video Doorbell

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If you want a ring video doorbell that will work even when your walls are very thick, this is the device to go for. It will work with even weak Wi-Fi connection and even detects even the slightest motion on your door. Installation is simple and won’t require any skills or tools.

It will plug into any standard wall outlet which makes it good for replacement if you had a previous ring video doorbell. You control it using your mobile device which gives you the flexibility to around your home.

  • Amplifies notifications
  • Allows mobile control
  • Multiple alert tones
  • Wi-Fi connectivity only

5. Ring Floodlight Video Doorbell

Ring Floodlight Video Doorbell

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This is a two-way talk video doorbell that works with Alexa to allow you to launch live video through your voice. One thing you have to note is that your Wi-Fi connection needs to be very strong for you to enjoy the features that this device offers. The device will offer your home the security it needs.

The 270 degrees motion sensor ensures you have a wide field of view. Installation is simple and using the device is not a problem. The 1080 HD video streaming ensures you get clear video videos to avoid any distractions. If something wrong happens in your home, you can trigger the integrated siren to raise the alarm.

  • Two-way speaker
  • Siren for raising the alarm
  • Supports any mobile device
  • 270 degrees motion detection field
  • 1080 HD video streaming
  • Alerts when motion is detected

4. Ring Video Doorbell 2

 Ring Video Doorbell 2

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This device comes with a simple design that makes it blend well with any home design. Installation is easy, and it’s compatible with Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows devices. You get alerts any time and from any place that you may be through live view on-demand. This gives you peace knowing your home is secure all the time.

The device has a 1080 HD video support which gives you clear views. Even when night falls, the device will still monitor your home through its infrared night vision. You will get alerts immediately the devices senses motion or when your visitors press the doorbell button.

  • High quality 1080 HD video
  • Easy to set up
  • Great design
  • Easy charging
  • High compatibility level
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3. Ring Chime Video Doorbell

 Ring Chime Video Doorbell

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This video doorbell gives you the flexibility to install and use it. There are those idle moments that you don’t want to be disturbed but only want to relax. Well, this device ensures you have all the freedom you want in your house by offering you quiet and undisturbed mode to disable alerts for such moments.

You have the complete control over the volume if your device. If you want it loud, increase its volume, if you want it quiet, minimize the volume. The device is capable of acting as the doorbell and as the ring chime at the same time.

  • Undisturbed and quiet mode
  • Its plug and play
  • Easy to adjust its volume
  • Easy installation
  • Requires Wi-Fi connection

2. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

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Unlike most ring video doorbells that have been mentioned here, this device doesn’t use Wi-Fi connection. It requires wiring instead. The device offers extremely clear images to give you the capacity to watch your home easily against any unauthorized access.

It has night vision support which ensures your home is well monitored even when night falls. You get a clear view of whether its night or daytime. It has a sleek design and a two-way talk of support for convenient interaction with your visitors.

  • Launch real-time video with your voice through Alexa
  • Two way talk support
  • Wiring required during installation
  • Sends alert when motion is detected
  • Live View on-demand video
  • Quality video and images

1. Ring Video Doorbell in Satin Nickel

Ring Video Doorbell in Satin Nickel

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This is the best ring video doorbell that you will find in the market right now. It is an exceptional device that will give you clear and all-time monitoring of your home. If you want to speak with or see your visitors before granting them access to your home, this device gives you that convenience. You have full access to your home smart devices to this doorbell for convenient interaction.

The video quality is top class and cannot be second to that of any other ring video doorbell. During the night, the infrared night vision support allows you to view your visitors. The device doesn’t require any wiring to use. It will only need a Wi-Fi connection.

  • HD video streaming
  • Works on Alexa for launching real-time video using your voice
  • Night monitoring using Infrared night vision
  • Live on-demand video for monitoring your home anytime
  • See and speak to your visitor before granting him access to your home

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Ring Video Doorbell

  • Clarity: Ensure the ring video doorbell you choose has excellent video and audio quality. This will enable you to easily identify the individual seeking to gain access to your premises. Therefore, choose an HD ring video doorbell with noise cancellation capability.
  • Night Vision support: Choosing a ring video doorbell with night vision support is important to enable you easily tell you night visitors. This is important because visitors that would be out to harm you will mostly come at night. Therefore choose a video doorbell that will make you easily see the person that wants to visit you even at low light.
  • Motion Sensor: The best ring video doorbell incorporates motion sensors that begin to film or provide you with advice through a photo snapshot. This will boost your security because the even the slightest motion will be detected and be alerted.
  • Design: Check the design of the ring video doorbell to ensure you choose something that matches the décor of your home. Don’t go for something that will look out place when you install in your home.
  • Source of Power: Ensure you choose a ring video doorbell that has versatile powering means. This will avoid encountering trouble when powering it or worse making it loose power when you most need it.
  • Recording Support: A video doorbell that supports automatic recording is a great means of security for your property. They enable you to view who was in your home when you aren’t around. You can download the recordings when you get back home and go through.
  • Price: How much are you planning to spend when buying a ring video doorbell? Remember this before picking one. Check the features offered by a video doorbell and compare that with the selling price. This will prevent choosing something that is too expensive for you or something cheap and non-functional.


Security is an important aspect of your life. Keep your home safe by installing the best ring video doorbell in the market today. Most people will have the excuse of not knowing which product will work best for them due to the availability of many products on the market. You don’t have to be confused when choosing the best products for you. The above guide makes it simple for you. Choose any of the reviewed products and keep your home safe.

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