Top 10 Best Outdoor String Lights in 2021 Reviews

Are you sourcing for a cost-effective strategy for decorating the exterior of your home of an upcoming celebration? Organized well, balloons and ribbons can improve the outlook of your home. However, to create a lasting impression without breaking a bank, a set of outdoor string lights will serve you better. They come in different shapes and colors.

Lights with clear LED bulbs, for instance, are suitable for illuminating outdoor installations such as patios. Multi-colored lights with fancy incandescent or LED bulbs, on the other hand, create a soothing environment for hosting dates or parties. Which are the best outdoor string lights for homes and homes? Here are the 10 most trusted brands to buy online:

Best Outdoor String Lights Review

10. Addlon Outdoor String Lights

Addlon Outdoor String Lights

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Long and affordable outdoor string lights that withstand day-to-day abuse well are hard to come by. Exposed to the elements some, brands break, short circuit, or stain easily, which frustrates people. Fortunately, because of its superior design, these are non-issues for this pack of two string lights from Addlon. Decorators love its length. Connected end to end, its warm commercial-grade bulbs stretch over 48 feet. This makes it suitable for decorating large areas of patios or fountains.

Its UL-listed design, on the other hand, is not only flexible but also designed to withstand the elements. Installed outdoors, you can expose it to UV rays for hours without its cover cracking or staining. You can also expose it to the rain, wind, and snow without its bulbs short-circuiting or its wire rusting. Addlon comes with dimmable 1W S14 incandescent bulbs. These are power-efficient. They generate bright and ambient light without wasting power.

Check Product Features
  • Heavy-duty cable
  • 1W S14 incandescent bulbs
  • Two strands (40 feet total)
  • Weatherproof parts (UL-listed)
  • Resists water and UV
  • Dimmable lighting
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Smart hanging hook
  • Weak anchor points (pull apart easily)
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9. Addlon Outdoor String Lights

Addlon Outdoor String Lights

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Due to its superior design, Addlon is a recommended outdoor string light for decorating patios, gazebos, and even bistro gardens. If you have used products that degraded because of UV or short-circuited, this one will serve you better. The UL listed heavy-duty wire used to make it, for instance, is one of its strength. During installation and storage, it holds its structure well, unlike some low-grade lights.

Its vintage Edison bulbs are dimmable and able to withstand elements such as UV, snow, and or rain. Installed outdoors, you do not have to worry about this 48 foot light staining or short-circuiting easily. If yours does, you can ask for a new pack worry-free. Addlon has a satisfaction guarantee for its manufacturer.

Check Product Features
  • Heavy duty cord (48 inches)
  • Dimmable Edison bulbs
  • Weatherproof sockets (hanging)
  • Wind, rain, and waterproof insulation
  • Three extra bulbs (replaceable)
  • Satisfaction guaranteed light
  • Long lasting design and parts
  • Resists the elements well
  • Efficient incandescent bulbs (11W S14)
  • Easy to install (have hanging hooks)
  • Sag over time

8. Hometown Evolution, Inc. G40 Patio Globe Lights

Hometown Evolution, Inc. G40 Patio Globe Lights

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Globe patio lights are in high demand because of their charming designs. They blend well with homes and improve the ambiance of living areas without costing an arm and a leg. Hometown Evolution, Inc., for instance, is a 50-foot black-themed string light with bright (5-watt) 1.6-inch bulbs. The spacing of its G40 bulbs is decent (12-inches). As such, set up well, it illuminates large spaces better than comparable models often do. This is not its only strength, though.

If you are looking for a set of globe lights that work well all year round, this is a recommended brand. Its sockets, plugs, and wires are UL-tested and approved. They are durable. Exposed to UV, rain, or snow, they rarely malfunction. Its bulbs, for instance, have an admirable 3000-hour life span in most environments. The same applies to its wires. You can bend and stretch them many times without them breaking and or their plastic sheaths (black) cracking or fraying.

Check Product Features
  • Weather resistant wires and bulbs
  • End-to-end connections (three)
  • Long lifespan (3000 hours)
  • Power efficient bulbs (5 watts)
  • UL-tested and approved sockets
  • Safe for use outdoors
  • Decently spaced bulbs
  • Soothing G40 bulbs
  • Weather/waterproof
  • Not dimmable

7. SUNTHIN LED String of Lights

SUNTHIN LED String of Lights

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Buy SUNTHIN to get a package of two LED string lights each with 15 suspended S14 bulbs. These bulbs stand out in many ways. First, the clear and dimmable light they generate is immersive. It is suitable for lighting and decorating the outdoors. These replaceable bulbs are also durable (shatterproof) and power-efficient than most incandescent bulbs found on similar lights.

Measuring 96 feet (combined), this is a long and functional accessory. You can use it to light up your fountain without running out of wire. Finally, you will love the ETL approved E26 sockets that these lights have. They are waterproof. Therefore, with SUNTHIN, you get a pack of dependable lights that you can use outdoors all year.

Check Product Features
  • Suspended S14 bulbs
  • ETL-approved E26 sockets
  • Two snap-on lights (96 feet)
  • Shatterproof S14 LED bulbs
  • Long lasting design/parts
  • Dimmable LED bulbs (S14)
  • Linkable female plugs
  • ETL approved components
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Blubs scratch easily
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6. SUNTHIN String Lights

 SUNTHIN String Lights

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Are you shopping for a versatile set of string lights for lighting and or decoration? SUNTHIN has many novel attributes that you might lack. Its structure, for instance, can satisfy the needs of most people. Ideal for decorating large patios, for instance, this is a 48-foot-long accessory. It can cover and illuminate large spaces well. The 18 11-watt incandescent bulbs on offer (S14) are also ideal. They are not only bright and durable but also replaceable.

Whenever one or two burn out, you do not have to replace the entire light. All you have to do is replace one or more of the burned out bulbs with one of three spare ones it comes with. SUNTHIN is weather resistant. Ideal for lighting up homes and offices, its ETL-approved design meets the recommended safety regulations for string lights. You can install it on your patio within the reach of your pet or child without problems. Its sockets have weatherproof seals for added safety.

Check Product Features
  • Weatherproof sockets
  • Replaceable incandescent bulbs (S14)
  • ETL-approved string light
  • Measures 48 foot long
  • Bright and durable bulbs
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Loops for easy hanging
  • Work well indoors and outdoors
  • Water and weatherproof
  • None
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5. SUNTHIN String of Lights

 SUNTHIN String of Lights

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SUNTHIN has produced high-quality decorations for homes and offices for years now. If you are considering decorating with lights for an upcoming occasion, most of its products will serve you well. This pack of two 48-foot outdoor string lights, for instance, is popular globally. Its neutral black theme blends well with rustic and contemporary-looking structures. Its S14 incandescent bulbs are bright and durable, while the standard E26 sockets it comes with are safe to use outdoors.

Their leak-proof designs keep water out of its bulbs. This prevents them from burning out or short-circuiting when exposed to rain and or snow. These are linkable ETL-approved lights. You can customize their length to match the size of the structure you are decorating. Moreover, because they meet stringent safety standards, they are safe for people with pets.

Check Product Features
  • Pack of two lights (48 feet each)
  • S14 11-watt bulbs (incandescent)
  • Outdoor-ready design (waterproof)
  • Heavy-duty wire and sockets (suspended)
  • Safety approved string lights
  • Easy to link and detach (end to end)
  • Bulbs (S14) are replaceable
  • Waterproof sockets (suspended)
  • Bulbs are power thirsty

4. Lemontec Outdoor String Light

Lemontec Outdoor String Light

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Are you planning to spruce up the outlook of your patio a pack of new string lights? Are you looking for a commercial-grade product with dependable incandescent bulbs? Lemontec meets this threshold. This 48-foot outdoor string light has a weather resistant cord with waterproof hanging sockets (15). These fit most clear and colored 11-watt bulbs (incandescent), which are suitable for lighting up the outdoors. Sockets are also leak-proof. Rain, snow, wind, and UV do not compromise the safety and or performance if this outdoor light over time.

Finally, Lemontec is easy to set up. The end-to-end connections of its eight strands snap into place stress-free. While decorating your patio or bistro, therefore, you will not need the help of a third party to install this light. Its industrial-grade wire is rugged yet flexible. Wrapping it around objects is easy. This dimmable Lemontec light has full 3-year warranty on defects.

Check Product Features
  • Snap-on end-to-end connection
  • Rugged industrial-grade wire
  • Waterproof wire and sockets
  • Full warranty (three years)
  • Dimmable incandescent bulbs (11-watt)
  • Easy to install (flexible)
  • Safe (UL-certified) parts
  • Works well in most areas
  • Uses standard 120-volt sockets
  • Widely spaced bulbs

3. LAMPAT String Lights

 LAMPAT String Lights

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The G40 globe lights that LAMPAT uses deliver memorable results outdoors. Even though they are not as efficient as the dimmable LED bulbs found on SUNTHIN lights, their performance is laudable. They are bright, warm, and ambient. During date nights, you can use them to create a romantic aura on your patio on a budget. These bulbs are also durable and mounted on a 25-foot wire with a water-resistant sheath for protection. You can leave LAMPAT outdoors for weeks or months without issues.

Moreover, the fact that LAMPAT is a UL listed light is beneficial to people with pets or kids. Its wire and bulbs are cool to touch. The risk of accidental burns, injuries, or fires is slim if you set up your as required. Apart from patios, you can use LAMPAT to light up wedding receptions, bistros, and pergolas. Its flexible wire also works well around objects.

Check Product Features
  • Flexible weatherproof wire
  • UL-listed components
  • Quality guarantee (one year)
  • End to end connectable strands
  • Works indoors and outdoor
  • Bright and soothing light
  • Wraps around most objects
  • Long lasting G40 globe bulbs
  • Somewhat short (25 feet)

2. Brightech Ambience Pro String Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro String Lights

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This set of pro string lights from Brightech excel where many brands have failed. Its Italian Bistro style, for instance, is timeless. You can use it to light up your home during summer or winter without it looking out of place. You can also use it to light up a wedding reception, your walkway, or the fountain in your backyard. It never goes out of style. The dimmable pergola bulbs on offer are also notable.

Whilst use, the exposed filaments of these bulbs generate a soothing glow that lights up outdoor spaces well. They also have warm commercial-grade designs, which are also water-resistant. Brightech is energy saving. Apart from improving the outlook of your home, it will save you money as well. The money back guarantee (100%) offered for it, on the other hand, covers all defects.

Check Product Features
  • Satisfaction guarantee (100%)
  • Commercial-grade parts
  • Energy-saving string lights
  • Dimmable pergola bulbs
  • Stylish Italian Bistro theme
  • Soothing warm glow
  • Wind and water-resistant
  • Thick yet flexible cord
  • Timeless design
  • Widely spaced bulbs (three feet)

1. Brightech Ambience Pro Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro Lights

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Ribbons, balloons, and pictures are suitable for decorating indoors. To customize the outlook of your patio or lawn as well, buy this outdoor string light from Brightech instead. It works well in pergolas and gazebos. Its vintage Edison bulbs are not only durable but also have a nostalgic glow, which lights up outdoor spaces well.

At night, you can host romantic dinners under these lights. During weddings and parties, you can connect up to eight strands end to end to decorate a large area. Brightech is dimmable, UL-listed, and satisfaction guaranteed for the manufacturer.

Check Product Features
  • Dimmable UL-listed bulbs
  • End to end connections (eight)
  • Long strands (48 feet)
  • Soothing nostalgic glow
  • Three-year factory warranty
  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Warm garden atmosphere
  • Light and flexible power cord
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Not very durable


If you are considering decorating your patio with a set of lights, our top 10 picks deliver memorable results. Optimized for decorating the outdoors, these are weather resistant items. Their bulbs and wires are durable. They also have flexible and expandable designs (end-to-end), which are suitable for decorating all areas of the home. These include fountains.

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