Top 10 Best Miter Saw Stands in 2021 Reviews

A miter-saw is important in every workstation. Certainly, any workstation without this piece of equipment may be said to be incomplete. Consequently, you may be possessing an excellent miter-saw, but with the inappropriate stand which will bring problems when utilizing this tool. Because precision is essential when utilizing this saw, a strong bench is normally paramount.

Fine, to work minus experiencing issues, saw stand happens to be the best one. An unreliable one is going to influence the precision because it’s probably going to move while you’re cutting. Therefore, sturdy-frame is normally the ideal to have the Miter Saw Stand perfectly performing.

Best Miter Saw Stands

10. DEWALT-DWX726-Rolling Miter-Saw Stand

DEWALT-DWX726-Rolling Miter-Saw Stand

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The whole stand is built from durable-tubular-steel which is powder-coated in signature-DeWalt Yellow & black. Black-rubber wheels offer excellent friction over most workshop terrain, & the lift-control is simply accessible off the handlebars. Installation is simply accomplished by one individual because of the 3-position pneumatically supported folding-mechanism, making it simple for one individual to customise the height of the given stand minus first requiring to unmount & lift the saw.

Moreover, this stand holds up to 300-lbs, that can simply support not only your heavy-duty miter-saw yet additionally boards & sections of moulding-up to 8-feet in length. Also, the DWX726 likewise has 2 in feed & out feed work-supports which assist keep your stuff stable when you cut even while your materials continue well past the bottom of your miter-saw.

Key Features
  • Black-rubber wheels
  • Durable tubular-steel
  • Pneumatically-supported folding-mechanism
  • 300-lbs. Maximum weight-capacity
  • Folds & rolls for simple installation & storage
  • 3-position pneumatically assisted-raising & lowering
  • May be overkill for few miter-saw users
  • Bulky even while folded
  • Rubber-wheels don’t have pneumatic-tires

9. DEWALT-DWX723 Heavy-Duty-Miter-Saw-Stand

DEWALT-DWX723 Heavy-Duty-Miter-Saw-Stand

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This model is agreeable with any particular brand of miter-saw, & the sliding mounting-brackets led it very easy to install & remove your miter-saw onsite. Built from lightweight-aluminum, the DWX723 collapses-down & folds-up for superior-portability, & the non-marring feet led it simple to obtain a level cutting-surface in any given setting. Also, the 5 �-inch beam having work-supports on every side may increase up to 8-feet on every side, offering in-feed & out-feed stability for up to 16-total-feet. It likewise got an integrated carry-handle for simpler portability while it’s folded-up & ready to be placed back on a truck or inside storage.

Superior weight capacity, portability & work-support scheme make this a great stand for fulltime users & people who desire a miter-saw stand which they can rely on with no reservation. Though it can be further than a hobbyist or DIY builder might need, it’s still an excellent value which will offer a long-life of stable-support for your miter saw.

Key Features
  • Lightweight aluminium
  • Superior portability
  • Work-supports extend to 16-feet
  • 500-lbs. general weight-capacity
  • Made from lightweight-aluminum for simpler portability
  • Not the simplest stand to install by yourself
  • Harder-to-level & stabilize on soft-ground
  • Lighter weight implies less stability while unladen

8. DEWALT-DW7440RS Rolling-Saw-Stand

DEWALT-DW7440RS Rolling-Saw-Stand

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This lightweight miter-saw stand weighs only 33-pounds, & is remarkably simple to put into place & setup alone. The quick-connect stand-brackets make loining any miter-saw fast & easy, & the aluminum-legs having non-marring-feet keep the entire thing steady when you work.

Apart from being light & portable because of its hard-rubber wheels, the DW7440RS additionally features quick-release-levers for the legs in order for it to be swiftly collapsed & moved using minimal effort. An extendable-work-support which collapses back in the central assembly additionally lets you keep your staff stable when cutting.
Generally, the DW7440RS can accommodate up to 200-lbs., & the comfortable kickstand lets you turn-the-stand on its side & roll it about minus removing the miter-saw.

Key Features
  • An extendable-work-support
  • Hard-rubber wheels
  • Quick-connect stand-brackets
  • Weighs 33-pounds
  • Quick-release levers
  • Heavy-duty 12-inch
  • 200 lbs. capacity
  • Kickstand for simple mobility minus unmounting your miter-saw
  • Extendable work-support
  • Non-marring feet don’t work properly on soft terrain
  • Insufficient work supports
  • Pretty little “wiggle-room” while joining your miter-saw utilizing the quick-connect-bracket

7. DEWALT-DWX724-Compact-Miter-Saw-Stand


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It measures less than 29.8-lbs, & it folds-up fully into a 40-inch long rectangle which is simple to carry one-handed. The folding-aluminum-legs additionally got non-marring rubber-feet which keep all steady when you work. Mounting your miter-saw is quick & easy because of the DeWalt’s quick-release mounting brackets, & positioning all well is only a matter of driving the brackets where you need your saw to go, then compressing them down.

Also, the DWX724 highlights extendable work-supports which offer up to a sum of 10-feet of infeed & outfeed material-support for extra stability while you’re working using longer segments of lumber or molding. In case you’re searching for a stable miter-saw stand having significant weight-capacity, yet you don’t require added long work-supports, this is unquestionably the ideal pick because of features & capability. It’s not considered as “heavy-duty”, yet it’s simply portable, can support a fourth-ton of weight & keeps your miter-saw stable when you’re cutting.

Key Features
  • Folding-aluminum-legs
  • Non-marring rubber-feet
  • Quick-release mounting brackets
  • 10-feet of extendable work-support
  • The capacity of 500-lbs.
  • Lightweight aluminum-design having an integrated carrying handle
  • Height isn’t adjustable
  • Shorter work-support-arms can limit its usability for heavy-duty users
  • Non-marring feet don’t offer stable-support on soft terrain

6. Delta-Power-Equipment-Miter-Saw-Stand


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Created by Delta-Power-Equipment for usage with DeWalt-brand & other maker’s miter-saws, the 36-267 happens to be an artistic compact miter-saw table solution which makes utilizing & moving your miter-saw about the job-site fast & easy. One individual can move & install the stand using one step because of the foot-actuated-pedal, & the 36-267 happens to be assessed for up to 350-lbs. Best for any model miter-saw, this stand works simply over most ground because of its hard-rubber wheels, & clamp on miter-saw mounts making it simple to set the saw down in place & lock it down securely using only a bit of quick-tightening.

Extendable work-supports additionally make it simple to hold your materials patterned when you do your cuts, even in case they extend out to the bottom of your miter saw. Thanks to its heavy-duty steel-tubing design & easy installation, this is an ideal miter-saw stand for builders or DIY enthusiasts who require a portable miter-saw on a daily basis.

Key Features
  • Foot-actuated-pedal
  • Hard-rubber wheels
  • Extendable work-supports
  • Heavy-duty steel-tubing structure
  • 350-lbs capacity
  • Quick connect miter-saw mounting brackets
  • One-step installation
  • Work-supports don’t extend quickly
  • Maybe further than a home user requires
  • Heavier stand

5. Ridgid AC9946 Mobile Miter Saw Stand 

Ridgid AC9946 Mobile Miter Saw Stand 

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Needing to preserve space in the workshop, the work-van, or around the job-site? The Rigid-AC9946-Miter-Stand is an outstanding pick for anyone who needs a big dedicated work-surface to offer stable functionality of their miter-saw or other compact bench-mounted power-tools. Rolling on 2 rubberized-wheel & simple to maneuver thanks to multi-grip position-handles, the AC9946 may make light-work of installing & cutting down your miter-saw workspace.
The special innovation of this special saw stand is that the support-leg is stored in the extension-arms, letting you to simply change the work surface extent without making the overall-design bulky.

Additionally, the incorporated quick-release mounting brackets can be fixed laterally to put the saw anywhere most comfortable for the user when cutting. Additionally, the work support-arms spread outward to keep stuff stable and steady while cutting. Length of support-arms is likewise less of a problem having this model because the saw itself may be shifted extra or close to the end of the stand. In case you’re in search of a heavy- duty rolling-saw stand which will offer a life-long of durability in spite of hard usage, this is the miter-saw stand for you. It can be slightly overkilling for household users or DIYers, yet it’s unquestionably a solid performer having few drawbacks.

Key Features
  • Outward-Extended support-arms
  • Heavy-duty rolling-saw stand
  • Quick-release mounting brackets
  • Multi-grip position-handles
  • Adjustable height
  • Heavy-duty steel structure
  • Laterally coordinating quick-release mounting brackets
  • Occupies much of storage-space
  • Pretty heavy when you aren’t rolling it
  • Non-pneumatic wheels

4. HICO UWC1203 Folding Miter Saw Stand 

HICO UWC1203 Folding Miter Saw Stand 

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When the storage area is at a peak, yet you still require a stable platform for utilizing your miter-saw, the HICO-UWC4000 is an ideal solution for making the most out of your miter saw. This stand is considered for usage with planers, band-saws, & scroll-saws and up to a 12-inch compound-sliding miter-saw, & it will hold up to 500-lbs of weight. The stand is built from all-steel tubing having snap pin folding-legs for simple setup & teardown.

Also, the entire stand and frill overlap up into a 4-foot, simple to convey square-shape which takes up next to no storage-room when not being utilized. All you require to do subsequent to install is to drop your miter-saw or other seat mounted-power apparatus into the 20-inch fast append mounting & secure them with the speedy discharge-handles. The UWC1203 likewise has double-broadening help arms which include an additional 8 feet of help for your materials, keeping things stable while you make those exactness cuts.

Key Features
  • Dual extending support arms
  • Extra 8 feet of support
  • Strong and durable
  • Tough-steel-tube structure rated up to 500-lbs
  • Snap-in folding-legs for simpler setup & tear down
  • Supports numerous bench-mounted power-tools
  • Shorter support-arms
  • Height isn’t adjustable
  • Not a wheeled-stand

3. POWERTEC-MT4000 Deluxe-Miter-Saw-Stand

POWERTEC-MT4000 Deluxe-Miter-Saw-Stand

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A rolling miter-saw stand having a special innovation, the Tough-Built MT4000 by POWERTEC offers numerous highlights of a heavy-duty miter-saw stand having the versatility of a rolling-miter-saw stand. Assessed for up to 330-lbs, the MT4000 is built of all-steel tubing, and can simply hold any model or design of 10-inch or 12-inch composite sliding miter-saw. What causes this stand special is the increase of a 110-volt electrical plug, rearranging wire administration for your miter-saw and making your activity site safer. All things considered, the fewer extension-cords laying over a work site, the better it’s for everybody working there.

Additionally, the 4-legs of the stand are spring stacked and simple to fly into place regardless of whether you’re setting up or tearing somewhere near yourself. Getting your miter-saw safely mounted or securely expelled is likewise a snap on account of brisk discharge universal-mounting-brackets, and extendable-work bolster-arms stretch out on either side to give a sum of 8 feet for keeping your materials stable while you are cutting. Generally speaking, this miter-saw stand is a great decision for home workshop or DIY enthusiasts and gives all that you have to take advantage of your miter-saw without permanently-mounting it to a worktable.

Key Features
  • fewer extension cords
  • 110-volt power outlet
  • quick-release universal mounting brackets
  • extendable work support arms
  • Innovative-110-volt power-outlet
  • Sturdy all-steel tubing structure rated to 330-lbs
  • Quick-release mounting brackets
  • Tricky to manipulate spring loaded legs
  • Shorter support arms
  • Ill-performing non-marring feet

2. Hitachi-UU240F-Heavy-Duty-Portable-Mitre-Saw-Stand


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Joining design & concepts highlights from multiple-types of miter saw-stands, the UU249F by Hitachi happens to be an outstanding heavy-duty miter-saw stand which makes easy work of any accuracy cutting job regardless of the direction your job takes you. Built using heavy-duty stainless-steel-tubing, this saw-stand rolls well on its 2-hard rubber-wheels anywhere you require a stable cutting covering for your miter saw.

Having a weight range of up to 400-lbs & fast release mounting brackets, the UU240F can simply hold up to a 12-inch sliding-compound miter-saw. Additionally, the extendable-work-support arms can fasten your materials poised while you do those precision-cut, adding to its general versatility. Another remarkably useful trait is that the elevation can be adapted as high as 35-inches, letting users fix the height at their choice satisfaction level for comfortable cutting.

Key Features
  • Heavy-duty miter-saw stand
  • Heavy-duty & stainless-steel tubing
  • 2-hard rubber wheels
  • Weight limit of up to 400-lbs
  • Extendable work-support arms
  • Heavy-duty & all-steel structure holding up to 400-lbs
  • 4-legs heavy-duty miter-saw stand which additionally rolls as a dolly cart
  • Quick-release mounting sections make installation & teardown remarkably easy
  • Heavier compared to aluminum heavy-duty miter-saw stands
  • Not fixed for moving the miter-saw when mounted
  • Extension work-support arms happen to be shorter than standard heavy-duty support arms

1. Genesis-GMSS400W


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The Genesis-GMSS400W possesses a heavy-duty & all-steel construction which includes different mounting bolt-sizes, making it pretty customizable. It possesses a fast-fold design for packing-up when finished, & a stretchable foot which keeps it equalized on rough surfaces.

Key Features
  • Quick-fold design
  • Heavy-duty and all-steel architecture
  • A flexible foot
  • Feels stable having no wobbling
  • Can accommodate up to 400-pounds
  • Not fit for all-mitre saws

Buying Guide: Factors You Need To Consider Before Buying

  • Portability: Given that you’re planning to use this for work, you may need to be prepared to take your miter saw from place to place. Even if you are a DIY user in your own home, you may end up needing to move your miter saw from one location to another if you move or do a favor for a friend. If you treat this aspect as number one, see into wheeled-one-handed folding-stands, particularly.
  • Versatility: Needless to say, not everyone uses the same type of miter saw when they work and you might even upgrade your saw in the future. This means that your stand needs to be able to accommodate a broad range of miter saws. This is usually done in the form of clamps or bolts that you can place yourself.
  • Capacity: Capacity is very close to versatility as far as features go. However, we wanted to make the distinction. Talking about the capacity, it means that regardless of the weight of the saw, your miter-saw stand ought to be in a position to support it & the material minus breaking.
  • Ease of Use: Any stand for your saw ought to nevermore be complex to utilize than your saw itself. This is why it should be easy to set up and use the stand whenever you need to. If you are getting a saw that folds up, try to find one that has an easy catch or release system to help it fold up and unfold.
  • Stability: This is an entirely important point to mind about when you’re purchasing a saw. In case a table wobbles, shakes or buckles while you utilize your saw, it will influence the quality of your output– regardless of how skilled of a woodworker you’re.
  • Compound Stands: Compound stands vary in particular styles and designs. However, they generally have a metal and plank construction with two horse style pairs of legs. These are particularly sturdy and durable as well as lightweight and portable. They offer some things old, some things new in an optimal configuration.
  • Durability: If you are going to pay money for something, it is only reasonable that you would want it to last a long time. You want to check into this especially, though, because if your stand breaks in the middle of a job, it could be dangerous as well as inconvenient.


The above top 10 best choices for the miter saw stand has no doubt that you’ll now have what is needed to get yourself the best pick that’s easy to carry, easy to store, can sustain a fourth ton of weight, & is agreeable with another bench-out-power tools. Your best pick should not only be properly built & tough, but it should also be simple to install yourself without any assistance, and remounting or removing additional tools inside the stand which should be particularly easy.

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