Top 10 Best LED Pool Lights in 2021 Reviews

Keeping the pool illuminated during night hours is always very important. This allows for use of the swimming pool at night and also enhances the security system. Today, there are myriad pool LED lights you can use at the pool. Despite the numerous numbers, you will still find it challenging to find the ultimate bulb for your pool. Due to this, you need to be always cautious when making the order. You should consider a number of factors that include; the lifespan of the bulb, the pool size, and the cost. In addition to this, you should also check out for the waterproof level among others.

Best LED Pool Light Reviews

In addition to the above considerations, you may also check out for the color changing bulbs, cost of the bulb, and ease of installation among others.

10. Bonbo LED Pool Light, OSRAM 120V

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For a long-lasting LED pool light you can use for years, this is an exceptional LED light that will suit you better. This is due to the fact that the LED light features a built-in heat Overload protection technology. This helps in offering up to 60,000 hours of service.

Secondly, the LED light is also highly compatible with various light housing, which makes it a convenient choice for use at home and the pool. The quality light is economical on power; hence will always save energy. It is the perfect replacement for the 300 to 800-watt halogen light bulbs. Apart from the swimming pool, this quality LED light can also be used on the high bay, spas, and any outdoor light.

  • Perfect compatibility
  • Super energy saving
  • Over 60,000 hours of service
  • Lights up 32,000-gallon pool

9. Bentolin RGB Color Changing 35W Pool LED Light

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You can now make your pool colorful all night long with this quality LED light. It easily changes the color; hence will bring out that perfect look needed at the pool. With up to seven color flashing mode and nine dynamic modes, you will find it suitable for your pool. Apart from this, the LED light is also energy saving, which implies that it will use up the least energy possible. It provides a long-life span of up to 65,000 hours; hence great for long-term use.

The LED light uses the memory function, which aids in remembering the last color and mode change. Other than this, it will also detect temperature and has the automatic power down. It features in various colors, which makes it perfect for every user.

  • Memory function
  • Up to 65,000 hours of operation
  • Energy saving bulb
  • Seven flashing modes
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8.  AomeTech Waterproof 4 Battery Powered LED Pool Lights

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Do you need the best submersible lights for your pool? With this favorite LED light selection, you now get the ideal light system for the pool. These quality lights have got wireless design; hence delivers a more convenient and reliable service. Apart from this, they feature the wireless IR remote and 16 solid colors that will perfect light up the pool.

The multi-color function will make the bulbs more colors and with the four lighting modes of; flash, smooth, fade, and strobe, you can easily adjust the lights as expected. They are also waterproof LED lights with the O-ring that hinders the water from getting into the bulbs. In addition to this, they are also simple to use and are highly versatile.

  • IP67 waterproof LED lights
  • Easy to use
  • RGB Lights and wireless design
  • Multi-purpose lights

7. P&LED Color Changing Swimming Pool LED Lights

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This is a powerful but economical LED light that will assure you of excellent service. The excellent lighting system is about 120V; hence will bring out the ideal light needed at the pool. It is able to light up pools of up to 25,000-gallon capacity; hence an excellent choice for different pools. In addition to this, the LED light is ergonomic and with the wireless remote, you will easily control the lights.

The light changing system always makes it perfect for all pools, which makes it a great purchase. It also provides you with a bonus burn up a lot less electricity. The cost of the LED light is relatively cheap and affordable despite the long-lifespan and powerful light system.

  • 120V powerful LED lights
  • Wireless remote control
  • Long lifespan
  • Perfect for 25,000-gallon pool

6. LEDMY LED Strips Waterproof Pool Lights

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When you need to keep the pool lightened up all night, this is a great LED light that will perfectly suit you. The quality LED light is always simple to install and with the waterproof design, it will assure you of long-term service. Despite the low voltage, it is always safe and sable; hence great for outdoor use. Apart from this, the LED light is highly durable as it provides a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. This is long enough, which means that it will last just as expected.

Additionally, the quality LED light us also super bright with lumens. The light can always be used underwater since it is IP68 waterproof. You can also use it outdoors as it will withstand the poor weather condition for long. The versatile LED light is also perfect for use in other places apart from the pool.

  • Safe and stable
  • Up to 50,000 Hours of operation
  • Easy installation
  • IP68 waterproof

5. Bonbo Underwater LED Color Pool Lights

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When you need the ultimate underwater LED light for your pool, then this is one great choice to give a try. The high quality LED light highly waterproof, which means that it can always be submerged underwater to fully illuminate the entire pool. The LED light is also a perfect compatibility as it will suit use in the high bay, low bay, and any other outdoor light beside the pool. This makes it a convenient choice that you will find great for long-term use.

With seven fixed color and seven color changing system, it will perfectly light up the pool as it brings out the elegant look. It has a voltage of between 110 to 130 Volts; hence will bring out a super bright light needed to fully keep the pool lighten. Besides this, it also saves on energy and can serve pools of up to 25,000 gallons.

  • Perfect compatibility
  • Saves on energy
  • Quick installation procedures
  • Seven changing colors

4. LAMPAOUS LED Pool Light Bulb

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Here is a unique and versatile LED light that can serve any kind of pool perfectly. The quality bulb has the standard size of 170 mm by 140 mm; hence a perfect selection for the pool, spa, and the underwater lights. It utilizes the synchronized functions, which allows for easy synchronizing of multiple bulbs. With this, you will always get the best light system you require at the pool.

With the seven solid color and five color changes, you will always find it great for lighting up the pool at night. With a voltage of 35W, it will definitely economize on power.

  • Standard size
  • Synchronized function
  • Five color changing
  • Cost-effective LED light
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3. LoveNite Submersible LED Pool Lights

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With a set of four powerful LED lights, this is one set of LED lights that will provide the best lighting system for the pool. The LED lights are battery operate and will run for about 10 to 12 hours. This makes them ideal for keeping the swimming pool illuminated all night long. In addition to this, they are waterproof and reusable LED lights. Since they are IP68 waterproof, it implies that you can easily submerge them in water to light up the whole pool.

Other than this, they interchange the colors. For example, you get the transparent cover, flower design, and much more. They are also ideal for use at home for outdoor purposes. The LED lights feature the nice design and RGB special flower design that makes them attractive.

  • Nice design and RGB
  • Reusable and high quality lights
  • Various purposes
  • Battery operated

2. WYZM 12V Color-Changing LED Pool Light Bulb

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The WYZM 12V Color-Changing LED Pool Light bulb is one excellent bulb that will keep the pool lighten up just as you need it. This is due to the fact that the bulb is very powerful and can light up pools of up to 22,000 gallons. Secondly, the bulbs feature in different colors you can always pick from. They also interchange the colors, which makes it a better bulb to make the poolside attractive.

The bulb is also waterproof, which means that you can always submerge it in water. Apart from this, it also acts as the ideal replacement for the 500W Hayward and Pentair fixtures among others. The bulb has a diameter of 7-inches, which makes it cover a large area at once.

  • Perfect replacement bulb
  • Ideal for 22,000 gallons pools
  • 7-inch in diameter
  • Color changing bulb

1. LOFTEK LED Ball Glow Pool Light

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This is a high quality rechargeable pool light that you will find ideal for your pool. The ball glow bulb has been designed to serve for relatively longer; hence the ideal selection for any modern pool. The vibrant multi-colored LED light will always interchange colors to keep the pool lighten. It is also a waterproof bulb that can submerge to fully lighten the pool. With the unique design, you will find it simpler to use. It comes with a wireless remote control that will bring about the simple usage of the bulb.

Other than this, it also features 16 beautiful RGB colors and with up to four lighting modes, you will always get it convenient for long-term use. Since it is also dust-proof, the LED light is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

  • IP65 waterproof
  • Eco-friendly bulb
  • Multi-functional LED bulb
  • Ball-shaped bulb

Pool LED Light Buying Guide

Since you need to get the right pool LED light, these are some of the key features you have to consider when making the order;

  • The lifespan of the Bulb : The LED lights have been designed to offer a given term of services. This is the reason it is vital to get a perfect bulb that will provide a long-term of service. The ultimate LED light needs to offer between 50,000 to 65,000 or more hours of operation. With this, you get a guarantee of years of service.
  • Waterproof : Do you need a bulb that you can submerge in the pool? In case you do, then you have to get one with a high level of waterproof. The LED lights that are IP68 waterproof can always be submerged in water. Apart from this, in case you don’t need to submerge it in the pool, it still needs to be waterproof. This will aid in withstanding the poor weather conditions.
  • Pool Size : What is the size of your pool? When buying the LED lights, you always have to consider the size of the pool. This is because the bulbs have been designed to serve certain pool sizes. For example, there are bulbs that can serve 25,000 gallons pool size while others can serve only 22,000 gallons or less. You need a perfect bulb that will serve the whole pool perfectly.
  • Multi-functionality : You also need to get the ideal LED light that will provide versatile and convenient service. The LED light bulb you wish to buy should be suitable for all outdoor activities. For example, apart from the pool, let it suit the high bay and low bay. The bulb should also act as a replacement for certain bulbs.


To get the ultimate LED pool lights, these are the favorite selections that will provide long-term and reliable services. The quality LED bulbs are easy to install and will keep the entire pool illuminated. Apart from this, they are also user-friendly bulbs that easily interchange lights to bring out that elegant look at the pool. These LED lights are all waterproof; hence you can submerge in the pool or install around the pool. Additionally, they are now available in various colors you can easily pick from. Despite their high quality features, they are all affordable LED pool lights you never wish to miss.

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