Top 10 Best Kitchen Towels in 2021 Reviews

It is not easy to choose the right kitchen towels, the one with the best materials, which is soft and resistant at the same time. What is the best towel set of 2019?

When buying towels, most people take into account elements such as color, size and texture, but the quality of the material is also important. To help you understand these characteristics and make a good decision when purchasing new towels, we present some of the best and most recommended options.

Best Kitchen Towel Review

10. Utopia Kitchen Flour-Sack 12-Pack Towels

Utopia Kitchen Flour-Sack 12-Pack Towels

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Which set of ten towels to buy? The most satisfying answer to this question, according to consumer reviews, falls on the Utopia Kitchen Flour-Sack consisting of 12 towels, two shower towels, two guest towels, two wash gloves.

They are products that have found a great liking because they are 100% cotton and, therefore, delicate. In addition, they are resistant (even after several washes) and those in the dryer have noticed that they come out soft and fluffy. An additional advantage that has been highlighted by comparing it with numerous other towels is that these are not thin and fine but thick.

Finally, the price at which they are offered is very competitive and there have been cases of customers who bought Brilliant for guests who only had to stay a few days but, given the excellent quality / price ratio , they then used them for themselves. daily in place of those they had before.​ At the top of our guide to choose the best kitchen towels we find Utopia Kitchen Flour-Sack 12-Pack Towels, which offers a soft fabric sample with a remarkable resistance to wear.

  • Softness – Thanks to their 100% cotton content, the towels guarantee to take care of your body with a velvety effect that some opinions have even compared to silk.
  • Absorption – The consistency ensures a high absorption capacity, to get out of the shower dry and ready to wear your favorite clothes.
  • Resistance – The high quality material used for the production of the towels is able to maintain its properties unchanged even after numerous washes.
  • Dimension – While recognizing their absorption capacity, some users would have preferred larger sizes for shower towels for easier use.

9. AmazonBasics 24-Pack Cotton Washcloths


AmazonBasics 24-Pack Cotton Washcloths


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AmazonBasics 24-Pack Cotton Washcloths multipurpose design and its smooth texture facilitate the cleaning of glass, mirrors, polished surfaces, screens, appliances, among others because it leaves no marks or scratches, allowing an effective cleaning.

They are among the best towels sold online because they guarantee a very good relationship between the services offered and the price. A value that contributes to determine the quality of the towels is the weight: in this case we have 470 g / m² which is a good ratio even if not excellent. Among the advantages of the AmazonBasics set that users have noticed we find the good softness and resistance and the excellent absorption capacity.

The color variety of these towels, which are available in twenty patterns (especially the gray and anthracite gray color), is also positively impressed and, for those who pay attention to every detail, it is also possible to purchase matching mats. For those looking for a cheaper product, but with the guarantee of quality and efficiency of the sponge, AmazonBasics offers a kitchen towels for all uses with considerable softness and an enviable absorption capacity.

  • Absorption – As the sponge has been used and appreciated for centuries due to its ability to impregnate itself with liquids, even the Betz towels, made with this same material, offer their users an unparalleled absorption capacity.
  • Softness – AmazonBasics towels have registered the satisfaction of users regarding their softness, a quality of great importance for the material with which we massage our body every day.
  • Colors – From the mixture of gray and anthracite to the other twenty different patterns used for their creation, this kitchen towels will adapt to the shape and colors of your kitchen, with the possibility of buying separate coordinated mats.
  • Thickness – The value of the weight, that is the measure of the heaviness of a fabric, offers the guarantee of a good product, but with the same low prices the market could offer even better ones.
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8. Cotton Craft 12-Pack Scandia Professional-Grade Kitchen Towels

Cotton Craft 12-Pack Scandia Professional-Grade Kitchen Towels

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The advantages that users have found are different: in the meantime, they are light and very thin, take up very little space and, therefore, are ideal to take with you in your suitcase (even small, for example in a hand luggage or a backpack) or even in a gym bag, pool bag, etc. since these are items specifically designed for those who do sports.

But above all, the aspect that has impressed the most is the remarkable ability to absorb water: from towels so thin you do not expect this performance.​ Finally, the reviews regarding the colors in which this set is proposed have been very positive (there are nine options available), because they are all lively and gaudy.

Directly from the homeland of silk, the Cotton Craft towel set conquers the hearts of users thanks to their efficient portability, without compromising on absorption capacity.

  • Portability – The characteristic of the Cotton Craft towel set that has been more able to conquer users is the minimum size, which makes it the ideal companion to take on the road or to put in the bag before a sport activity.
  • Absorption – The lightness of a towel often leads to a compromise of its absorption capacity; this is not the case with the Cotton Craft set, which will allow you to wear your favorite shirt after a workout at the gym, without any risk of leaving unsightly wet spots on it.
  • Colors – For those who like to break the monotony with a touch of panache, the Cotton Craft towels offer a wide selection of bright and bright colors to liven up your day.
  • Dimension – Some users believe that, to ensure maximum portability, Cotton Craft has reduced the size of its towels too much.

7. DII 12 x 12 Inches 100% Cotton Terry Kitchen Towels

DII 12 x 12 Inches 100% Cotton Terry Kitchen Towels

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Another kitchen towels with most of the positive reviews included in our purchasing advice is the DII 12 x 12 Inches 100% Cotton Terry Kitchen Towels. Among the aspects that have impressed consumers is the beautiful fantasy of embroidery that is not monotonous but brings joy and liveliness in the kitchen.

The softness, although not exceptional, is still very good as well as their absorption capacity. Moreover, the price at which the different combinations of towels are offered is always interesting and is one of the springs that has encouraged many to buy because, put in relation with the overall quality, it was more than adequate.

Finally, consumers like the possibility to choose between different colors and sizes (some of these towels are also sold individually) that are available. In the search for where to buy a cheaper product, but which maintains the main quality requirements, the DII 12 x 12 Inches 100% Cotton Terry Kitchen Towels stand out, appreciated by users especially for the bright colors and the ability to customize quantities and dimensions.

  • Colors – When you enter the kitchen in the morning, sleepy and listless, there is nothing better than being greeted by a riot of colors that puts us in a good mood, like the imaginative embroidery DII towels.
  • Customization – Much appreciated by users is the possibility, offered by DII, to choose towels that will make up their own set or buy them individually.
  • Absorption – DII has made its own towels with a fabric that guarantees its users a high water absorption capacity.
  • Softness: The excellent absorption capacity does not match, according to some users, an equally high level of softness, judged to be good, even in relation to price.

6. Fecido 100 Percent Cotton Classic Kitchen Towels

Fecido 100 Percent Cotton Classic Kitchen Towels

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Despite not being the best-selling wash towels, Fecido have nevertheless had positive reviews from those who bought them.
They have been appreciated above all for their quality. In fact, the four-piece set that the English company proposes is made of 100% superior cotton.

It is a type of yarn that guarantees great softness, strength and lightness (after all, the weight is equal to 500 g / m²). Their absorbency was also particularly effective.

As for the design, it is pleasant the presence of a strip and a border of chenille that, combined with the beautiful colors with which they are offered, add a touch of style and class to the kitchen. To embellish our guide, a kitchen towels that satisfied users for quality and aesthetics : the new Fecido line.

  • Material – Fecido offers its users a kitchen towels made of 100% Egyptian cotton, one of the best in the world, which can boast thousands of years of tradition.
  • Absorption – These towels have received the praises of users for their remarkable absorption capacity from the first use.
  • Aesthetics – The choice of colors and the insertion of strips in chenille give the line of towels a refined appearance.
  • Heaviness – The high grammage of Fecido towels can make them excessively heavy to some particularly demanding users with regard to this parameter.
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5. Gryeer 5-Pack Kitchen Dish Towels

Gryeer 5-Pack Kitchen Dish Towels

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Gryeer 5-Pack Kitchen Dish Towels has been characterized by offering the highest quality standards offering incredible softness, greater durability and better absorbency, for this reason this model is considered by many as the best set of quality-price towels among the best towel sets of 2019.

The towels are made of 100% Egyptian cotton, which is one of the most exquisite and strong cottons in the world, to provide high quality with excellent softness and better absorbency through 500 g / m² of weight.

The set includes two 30 x 30 cm face towels, two 50 x 90 cm hand towels and two large 100 x 150 cm wash towels in a sober and attractive charcoal gray color. Its elegant design exhibits brand new edges and borders of chenille at both ends and can be washed and dried by machine. If you want to get the best towel set of the moment, you should read the pros and cons of this model, which has high promotion among users.

  • Size – It is a complete kitchen towels for the whole body, so you will have two towels for the face, two hand towels and two large, ideal if you live as a couple.
  • Resistance – They are made with Egyptian cotton fabric, which gives them a high level of durability and resistance so you do not have to replace them in a long time.
  • Design – They have a minimalist design in gray with simple embroidery that will fit easily in your kitchen, since they combine with several decorative styles.
  • Softness – Because it is made of cotton, the towels have a good level of softness that is not annoying when in contact with the skin.
  • Washing – Washing can be done up to a temperature of 40 degrees in a washing machine, and you can also use the dryer without fear of damaging the fabric.
  • None

4. Natural Cotton Kitchen Dish Towels

Natural Cotton Kitchen Dish Towels

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Another good model of towel set with the backing of Linens Limited, is this model of the Natural Cotton Kitchen Dish Towels consisting of 10 towels. The kit includes four small towels for the face of 30 x 30 cm, two medium hand towels of 50 x 90 cm, two large towels for the shower of 70 x 130 cm and two extra-large 100 x 150 cm, available in a perfect and solid white color with which you can give an attractive touch of distinction and excellence to your kitchen.

They are made with 100% Egyptian combed and woven cotton , with a density of 600 g / m² that demonstrates their quality. They are durable, absorbent and soft texture, which pleases most tastes. They have a thin edge on both sides and can be washed and dried by machine.​To answer the question of which kitchen towels to buy, we invite you to know the pros and cons of the following model.

  • Pieces – It is a set of 10 pieces in total, with four wash towels, two for the hands and four for the face, very convenient for a large family group.
  • Softness – Being made with Egyptian cotton, they have a good level of softness and provide the necessary comfort to dry your skin in a pleasant way.
  • Design – It is a set of white towels, minimalist style that will combine seamlessly with any type of environment or style of decoration.
  • Drying – The towels can be dried in the dryer, without losing quality in the fabric.
  • Color – The white color can be easier to stain and difficult to wash, according to some users, but this varies from one situation to another.

3. Liliane Collection Cotton Kitchen Towels

 Liliane Collection Cotton Kitchen Towels

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Among the best sets of cheap towels you can find is this kitchen towels Liliane Collection that is made up of 3 pieces in terry and smooth fabric: one of 30 x 50 cm, one for the sink of 50 x 100, and one for the shower 70 x 140 cm, in maroon red.

They are made of 100% combed cotton with a density of 450 g / m 2 . They are towels of good absorbency, resistance and pleasant texture to the touch. They are properly topped at the edges to provide durability.

Manufacturers recommend washing them in a washing machine under a gentle program of normal spin. They are also suitable for a dryer with a maximum temperature of 40º C but not for dry cleaning. To maintain the color of the towel, the use of bleach is prohibited as well as any chemical in the wash.​ The cheapest towel sets are not that hard to get, for example, this model has been listed as one of them, so we recommend you read its pros and cons, which we show below.

  • Cotton – Being made of cotton, they are towels with a great capacity of absorption and with the ideal level of softness to use them comfortably.
  • Sizes – It is offered in three different sizes, so you will have a towel for the shower, another for the sink and one for the face.
  • Drying – It is possible to dry these towels with the help of a dryer, so we can complete this process quickly.
  • Design – They have a simple design, so you can use them in different places with varied decorative styles, they are also available in different colors so you can choose the one that combines the best.
  • Washing – They cannot be washed dry, so those who wish to use this technique with this type of tissue will not be able to do it.
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2. Ritz 3-Pack Terry Cotton Kitchen Towels

Ritz 3-Pack Terry Cotton Kitchen Towels

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Another good option to consider the best kitchen towels is Ritz 3-Pack Terry Cotton Kitchen Towels that consists of a total of 10 towels, 2 of 70 x 140 cm, 4 of 50 x 100 cm, 2 of 30 x 50 cm and 2 mittens of 17 x 21 cm, available in an exquisite combination of light gray and dark gray, harmonizable with any decoration.

You can have towels to put in the sink and shower, to use on hands, face or body, and even to offer when visitors arrive. They are made of 100% cotton, they are soft and resistant with good absorption. The quality is measured in its weight of 470 g / m² and also have double edges on both ends and hanger for your comfort. They are machine washable at 60º C and suitable for machine drying.

Among the best brands of towel sets, appears the one of this model, which has a high reputation among users and therefore we present its pros and cons below.

  • Pieces – It is a wide set of 10 pieces, with towels for the whole family, so it is ideal if you have a large family, and also if you need towels for guests.
  • Hanger – The towels have a respective hanger placed on the edge that facilitates the placement of each one in its respective support.
  • Drying – They can be dried by machine without danger of damaging the fabric, or hanging them in the open air, which is a more ideal option.
  • Softness – As they are made of cotton, the towels are soft enough to be used comfortably, and they also have a good level of absorption.
  • Design – For some users the design may be a bit simple, but this varies from the preferences of each one.

1. Royal Classic Cotton Kitchen Towels

Royal Classic Cotton Kitchen Towels

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This kitchen towels consists of a small towel of 33 x 50 cm, a medium size of 50 x 100 cm and a large one of 70 x 140 cm, ideal for use in any kitchen, sink or shower room.

They are made of 100% pure cotton with a weight of 550 gr / m2, which makes them fluffy and soft without forgetting the strength and resistance, so when you ask yourself which is the best towel set to buy, this Pure 3 game towels is one of the best options, available in a wide range of striking colors where you can find the most appropriate to your tastes or the decoration of your kitchen.

The manufacturers do not use softener in their elaboration, preserving the natural smoothness of the fabric to ensure a good absorption, and they recommend you not to use softeners in the washing.

  • Uses – The set includes three different towels for different uses, so you can have the necessary size towels, whether you need to shower, wash your hands or face.
  • Softness – Because the towels are made of cotton, they have a good level of softness and it is not uncomfortable when drying the skin.
  • Design – They have a simple design that adapts to different types of space and is also available in a wide range of colors so you can choose the one you prefer.
  • Absorption – Provides a good level of absorption, since the fabric has not been processed with softeners or other types of chemicals that reduce its ability to absorb moisture.
  • Drying – It can be dried in the open air or by a dryer, preserving the quality characteristics of the fabric.
  • None

How to Choose the Best Towels – Buying Guide

Some factors, such as the quality of the materials, the resistance of the colors to the continuous washing and the good workmanship, can be noticed by following some simple precautions that we explain below.

The Measure of the Quality of the MaterialThe Complete SetCleaning and Care of the Towels

The best brand of home textiles will undoubtedly be able to offer a quality product at the right price. An effective estimate to evaluate the reliability of this type of product is the heaviness of the fabric, which is expressed with a universal value, which is the GPM, that is grams per meter, and offers a guarantee of reliability starting from 550 gpm. Not all towels bear this data, but you can rely on a much more empirical method: touch the fabric and try weight and consistency grabbing it, another important detail is that it does not dispose of lint and thread, this denotes a bad bill and the fact that soon the cloth will lose body.

An alternative to the classic cotton terry towel, if we do not think about honeycomb or linen with less absorbency, is the innovative microfibre. In this guide could not miss a brief reference to this material, perhaps not very elegant, but with an amazing absorbing power especially when compared to the minimum size.

A towel is a rectangle of sponge whose price and size vary depending on the purpose to which to dedicate it. A complete set includes at least three elements, of different sizes, each designed for different uses: the classic tablecloth to dry the face and hands, whose measurements are variable, but usually they are around 60 x 100 cm; the wash towel, which can replace the washrobe, larger and often around 100 x 150 cm; finally, the element for the bidet, which is known as smaller and measures around 40 x 60 cm.

You can choose to buy single pieces, but those who compare prices will notice that it is cheaper to opt for a complete set: moreover, it makes no sense to buy a wash towel if you prefer the washrobe, or buy different pieces and do not have harmony of colors and quality in the kitchen.

Although we think that it is not necessary, because they are always wet, the truth is that it is convenient to wash the towels from time to time to have them in good condition. A process in which a fixed time is not established, since this depends mainly on the use we give to them.

As a first reference for cleaning your towels, you should always read the label that is attached to the product and where it is indicated how this wash should be. A washing that, in any case, should be simple, so that you can do it at home, in your conventional washing machine and with a cold program, or in any case of low temperature.

Another important issue that should be remembered is that much of the process of washing and care of these games depends on the materials with which the towel is made. Cotton, for example, is interestingly washed, although you should be careful with high temperatures as it may shrink. Regarding microfiber, its cleaning is simple and takes time, while in synthetic materials the process is simpler, although it is convenient to do it with a greater frequency, to keep the material in good condition.


The kitchen towel is an indispensable helper in every kitchen, at the service or at the bar. No matter if for polishing glasses, as a stylish accessory for serving or a kind of oven mitts on the stove , these towels should not be missing in any household. The glasses want to be polished and the plates and cutlery to shine in an impeccable shine. The kitchen towels are therefore indispensable little helpers with a great effect.

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