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Top 10 Best Golf Shoes for Men in 2019 Reviews

The golfers always need quality and comfortable shoes, which can always be used during all seasons. With the myriad selections of the golf shoes for men, you will always find it challenging to find the appropriate shoe. Due to this, there are certain things that you will always have to check out for when making the selection.

Get the best golf shoe with traction system for easy movement on all terrains. Apart from this, also consider shoes with breathable mesh upper to enhance the air flow. In addition to this, also consider the cost, design, size, color, and construction of the shoe among others.

Best Golf Shoe for Men Review

10. FootJoy Men’s Freestyle Golf Shoes

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Do you need the best golf shoe that you can for years? This is one quality selection of the golf shoe, which will serve for you the longest time. They are very durable shoes, which you will always find convenient for everyday use. It features the extra-thick shock absorber fitbed that will always offer the best comfort and also keeps you comfortable on slippery grounds.

Apart from this, the shoe also has the mesh uppers to enhance the process of air flow in the shoes. This allows for better breathability just as you need it. The shoe is also waterproof and, therefore, ideal for use even when it trains. It is lightweight and with the innerSock system, you get additional support and comfort when wearing the shoes.

  • InnerSock system
  • Mesh uppers
  • Xtra-thick shock absorber
  • Tongue-Lok instep grip

9.  Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent Golf Shoe

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Irrespective of the condition of the playing ground, this is a perfect shoe that will prevent you from sliding. This is due to the fact that the shoe features the dura-rubber spikeless outlets. It has the multi-directional traction control lugs that will keep the shoe safe even on slippery ground. Second, to this, the shoe also features the opti-Soft EVA midsole. This is meant for keeping the feet comfortable even after long hours for wearing the shoe.

Other than this, the quality golf shoe has the opti-vent mesh liner. This plays the role of heat management; hence the feet will not sweat too much due to enhanced breathability. It has been built using a combination of synthetic and mesh to make it a durable selection for all golf players.

  • Synthetic construction
  • Rubber sole
  • Opti-vent mesh liner
  • Opti-soft EVA midsole

8. Skechers Golf Men’s GO Golf Fairway Golf Shoe

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The lifespan of the shoe you are about to purchase is very essential. To get the best durable and comfortable golf shoe, this is the ideal choice that you will find excellent and get to use it for years. The shoe has been designed using the best synthetic material, which will assure you of long-term service. Secondly, the shoe also features the lightweight cushioning that makes it a perfect selection. With this, you will always use it for the longest time possible due to the better comfort.

It also has the Goga matrix outsole that is ideal for use on all terrains. The water-resistant shoe is perfect for use in during all seasons; hence the ideal golf shoe you never want to miss. It features in various colors and sizes.

  • Synthetic sole
  • Goga max sole
  • Water resistant shoe
  • Giga matrix outsole
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7. Adidas Men’s 360 Traxion Golf Shoe

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For an exceptional cushioning, comfort, and stability, this is one elegant golf shoe that will serve you longer and better. The shoe features the full-length bounce foam that aids in offering the best cushion and support. Secondly, this elegant golf shoe also offers an increased overall volume. This is due to the fact that it has a wider and toe shape forefront. This also enhances the comfort and stability. The high quality shoe has the climastorm upper construction that will aid in offering the best performance. The microfiber leather built also guarantees a long-term service, which makes it perfect for daily use. With this shoe, you can always find the perfect size and favorite color as it features in different sizes and colors.

  • Synthetic sole
  • Full-length bounce foam midsole
  • Climastorm upper construction
  • Cloud foam EVA sock liner

6. DAWGS Spirits Lightweight Golf Shoes for Men

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When you need to move faster and easier, you always need to consider the lightweight golf shoe. Here is a lightweight golf shoe that you will find perfect for reliable service. The quality shoes offer a perfect fit; hence you can wear it with or without the socks. Besides this, it also offers better movement on all types of terrains. This is due to the rubber sole with traction to keep it safe even on the slippery surfaces.

It also has the massaging footbed with an arch support. This will definitely keep the feet comfortable and protected all day long. With the myriad sizes and colors to choose from, you will find the shoe ideal as you can get the best size and color. Additionally, it has breathable uppers to keep it breathable.

  • Breathable perforations
  • Massaging foot-bed
  • Rubber sole
  • Synthetic material

5. Puma Men’s Ignite Pwrsport Golf Shoe

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With a combination of synthetic and textile, this is one quality and durable golf shoe that you will find ideal. The men’s shoe is very comfortable and great for everyday wear. It features the synthetic sole that makes it appropriate for use on all kinds of surface. Due to this, it can be used during rainy seasons as it will stay safe.

In addition to this, it also has a lace-up system that allows for easy adjustment for a proper fit. Irrespective of the color and size of the shoe you wear, you will always find it by getting this selection. This is because the shoe is available in all possible sizes plus various colors. The imported shoe is also budget-friendly and depending on the size selected, you will always find it affordable.

  • Synthetic sole
  • Synthetic and textile construction
  • Pocket-friendly shoe
  • Different colors and sizes

4. New Balance NBG518 Golf Shoes for Men

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The breathable shoes will always assure you of improved comfort even after long hours of wearing. This is one breathable shoe with mesh uppers; hence will enhance the ventilation system in the shoe. With this, you will get better and improved performance. It features up to 10mm heel to toe drops. With this, the shoes will always get you low to the ground for better stability and balance.

Additionally, it also has a rubber sole with the best traction system. This will definitely boost the process of moving on different surfaces without slipping off. It elegant shoe also provides the best cushioning, stability, and comfort needed. It has been recommended by the experts as one reliable and durable shoe you never want to miss. This is because it is built using synthetic material.

  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Rubber outsole
  • Synthetic construction
  • Elegant design
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3. NIKE Men’s Explorer 2 Golf Shoe

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This is another great selection of the golf shoes for men everyone will find suitable for long-term use. The quality shoe has been designed using both leather and synthetic, which makes it very durable. It is also water resistant, which implies that even during the rainy seasons, it will always remain dry.

This elegant golf shoe is also suitable for use in a variety of conditions. This is due to the aggressive rubber outsole that offers green-friendly traction. With the debossed lines on the upper part, it will always offer a better and stable feel plus proper structure. This is what you need for everyday play. The shoe is also comfortable and will assure you of the best cushioning as you play.

  • Water repellant
  • Rubber sole
  • Debossed lines
  • Aggressive rubber outsole

2. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Shoe

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When you require the ideal golf shoe that will offer the ultimate comfort and stability, then this is the choice to try out. It features the soft fabric lining that will keep the feet extremely comfortable all day long. Besides this, the quality shoe is also designed in different colors and sizes; hence will serve every user. It has the lightweight cushioning that will offer the best cushioning needed when wearing the shoe.

Other than this, it also features a padded collar and tongue that makes it more comfortable and ideal for long-term use. It has been designed using the best quality of synthetic material, which makes it serve for the longest time possible. Additionally, it also has the Goga mat energy return insole. The elegant traction makes this shoe ideal for all users as you can easily move on different terrains.

  • Synthetic construction
  • Lightweight cushioning
  • Soft fabric lining
  • Padded collar

1. Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0WD Golf Shoe

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The Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0WD Golf Shoe is the best selling golf shoes for men that every man will find suitable. The high quality golf shoe is designed in a unique way to make it safe and suitable for daily use. It has the best traction system on the outsole to make it ideal for walking even on the slippery terrains.

Apart from this, this quality shoe is also perfect for long hours of wearing. This is because it features the breathable mesh uppers. With this, there will be an improved airflow to keep the feet dry. With the combination of synthetic and textile construction, it is a durable shoe that will offer you long-term service.

  • Thintech cleat
  • Synthetic and textile construction
  • Rubber sole
  • Breathable mesh upper

Golf Shoes for Men Buying Guide

All men can now find the best golf shoes whenever they check out for certain factors and features like:

  • Size and Color: Since the shoes have been designed in different sizes, it is always vital that you get the ultimate shoe that will keep the feet comfortable. The smaller or larger sizes may always be uncomfortable, which implies that you only need to get the ideal size. Additionally, also check out for the favorite color from the wide range of colors available.
  • Durability: The lifespan of the shoe is always very important. This is the reason why every golfer needs to check out for the best durable shoes that will serve longer. Check out for the shoe built using synthetic and leather or synthetic and textile. These are some materials that will offer long-term service just as expected.
  • Type of Outsole: The sole of the shoe is always important as it will determine how safe and stable you will be in the shoe. The rubber outsoles are always considered as the ideal selections, which will provide better support and stability. You also have to check whether the shoe has the best traction system to enhance the movement on all surfaces. Consider shoes with quality traction system that will never slide on any given surface.
  • Comfort: The comfort of any golf shoe is always an essential factor to look out for when making the purchase. Consider the type of cushioning the shoe has since this will assure you of improved comfort. Apart from this, you may also check out for shoes with EVA insole and breathable mesh uppers. These will assure you of increased comfort as you can wear the shoes all day long.

The design of the shoe, type of cushioning, and shock absorber are some additional things every golfer needs to check out as they order the shoe.


Every golfer can now get the best golf shoe whenever they check out for this high quality and durable golf shoes for men. They are very comfortable and elegant shoes that you will find appropriate for long-term use; hence the ultimate selections. Apart from this, the shoes are also very comfortable and stable.

They are also breathable shoes, which will enhance the process of ventilation to keep the feet dry. These shoes now come in all sizes and colors that the golfers will always prefer. You can easily find the favorite color and ideal size. Additionally, they also affordable shoes, which will assure you of the best quality needed.

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