Top 10 Best Corner Desks in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

When selecting the best corner desk for the home office, bedroom or homework center, most of us think that all we need is a flat surface to sit our computer on. A majority pays little or no attention to comfort and ergonomics – let alone the desk’s design, its material of construction, and other features.

That’s a wrong approach. Since you’re going to use the desk for hours on end, shouldn’t you be more careful while buying it? You’re going to spend a decent amount of money on it, so a little research before you go into the market won’t do any harm.

Hence the reason why to select the ten best corner desks which you’ll find in this review, we prepared a checklist of features that we wanted our ideal product to have. You can use that checklist – or trust our selection – and get the best corner desk for your needs.

Best Corner Desk Review

10. Coleshome L Shaped Desk

Tribesigns Modern L-shaped desk

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The Coleshome L-shaped desk is one of those models which offer a unique combination of modern design and easy assembly. Throw into the mix its oodles of storage options, and you can’t find much that’s wrong with this unit.


One of the reasons why this desk is ultra-durable is because it comes with a steel frame. Capable of holding up to 400 pounds, the steel frame is further reinforced by two diagonal braces, which join their forces with the steel legs of this corner desk to ensure its stability on uneven floors.

While the desktop is made of medium-density fiberboard, its waterproof and anti-scratch properties guarantee its utility for years to come. It is easy to clean, displays great resistance against humidity and boasts a high-quality coating that easily hides light scratches.

Beneath the entire structure is adjustable leg pads. You can use them to increase/decrease the desk’s elevation based on the height of your chair. And to further sweeten the deal, Coleshome provides a free CPU stand in its package.

Lastly, one thing which we didn’t like about this model is its excessively minimalistic design. There are no drawers or shelves where you can store your books, keys or other valuables. So you might need to buy something separate for those items.

  • Remains stable on uneven floors
  • Huge workspace area
  • Comes with adjustable leg pads
  • Too minimalistic; no drawers whatsoever
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9. Tribesigns Modern L-shaped desk

Tribesigns Modern L-shaped desk

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Compare it with the Coleshome L shaped desk, and you’d find the Tribesigns equally minimalistic. So why should you prefer it? Because this model comes nine different shades to let you select one which might perfectly complement your interior décor.


Having a desk that uses an abused combo of a wood desktop and steel frame would provide you with the best of both worlds. For instance, while wood would hide fingerprints, steel would provide the whole structure with guaranteed sturdiness.

The absence of any steel braces doesn’t mean that this unit’s weight handling capacity is questionable. Instead, as its 450lbs maximum weight capacity shows – which is 50lbs more than what you get with the Coleshome desk – this model means business with its stability.

One more feature which we liked about this model is its ease of assembly. Perhaps that’s because of its M-style buckle design that fixing all the parts and screws in place was a cinch. Hence the reason why we were able to get this table up and running in less than an hour.

On top of everything else, this model features some elements to guarantee your comfort. Take, for instance, its humanized footrest design. Its slanted angle means you can easily rest your leg on the bar whenever you’re feeling tired.

  • Humanized footrest design
  • Safety round corner
  • 450lbs weight capacity
  • Vague instructions in the installation manual

8. Green Forest L-shaped desk

Green Forest L-shaped desk

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This is yet another corner desk that aims to attract the minimalists with its bare-bones design. It doesn’t have any drawers to store your essentials and relies on the expanse of its 41”x29.7”x3.7′ workspace to serve your needs.


Since you are going to place this desk against a corner – as only then you’ll be fully sure of the laptop not falling over, it would complement your interior décor with its stylish looks. You get enough space to place two full-sized monitors on either side with a laptop in the middle.

Impressively for a table that doesn’t cost you to rob a bank, the Green Forest offers a two-way setup. You can either set it in a way that its long side faces the door. Or, if you want more space for yourself and less for your gadgets, the 2nd option offers exactly that freedom.

Carrying this table are its sturdy legs which are connected with each other to ensure stability. Beneath them are L-shaped foot cups which lets you adjust this model’s height based on that of your chair. Though there isn’t any leg rest on offer for you to stretch your calves at the end of a busy day.

Perhaps the only area where this corner desk could have done better is its top surface. We have no doubt that MDF could stand the test of time, but we have our questions about its shine. Though it is visibly shiny at the start, we believe that this model won’t be able to retain its original shine for long.

  • Two-way setup
  • Stable and secure
  • Large workspace
  • Question marks about shine

7. SHW L-shaped desk

SHW L-shaped desk

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As you might have guessed by now, we aren’t big fans of desks that don’t offer many storage options. Our belief is that people buy these desks for storage space and if they don’t offer that, what’s the point of having them. You can disagree with us but, luckily, the SHW L-Shaped desk doesn’t.


This is one of those corner desks which ask you to place them in one place and forget them. Perhaps that’s because it’s too heavy to carry, though, if you can afford to pick them from your doorstep and install them wherever you want, the espresso finish of this desk will add a touch of elegance to your home.

More important that its elegance is the storage options that this unit offers. Granted, having two shelves isn’t huge, but it’s still two more than what all the three desks which precede this model in our review offer combined. You can use the shelves to store small-to-medium-sized items.

There are some quirks in this unit’s design which we cannot help but admire. Foremost among them is the extended leg rests it has provided under the 2/3rd of the workspace area. It goes without saying that you can use them to take your feet off the ground.

It might sound contradictory but this desk does have a U-shaped corner on the side of where your room’s door is most likely to be. What this cheekily designed corner does is to save anyone who would inadvertently clash against it from a benign but painful injury.

  • User-intuitive design
  • Two shelves
  • U-shaped corner
  • Heavy

6. Hago Modern L-shaped desk

Hago Modern L-shaped desk

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Before your eyes lit-up at identifying a mistake in this article, let us assure you that the first word in the name of this desk is indeed Hago and not ‘Hugo’. Now that we have cleared this confusion, it’s time we check out the features of this desk and how they might serve you.


Your search for the best corner desks might have revealed by now that these units aren’t a fan of shelves or drawers, with the unit we are currently looking it not any different. It has the same slanted U-shaped pattern which dozens of other models on the market now seem to have perfected.

So what is it that differentiates it from the competition? This corner desk has a modern design that seems tailor-made for the offices of millennials. Its beige tabletop and white frame complement each other to give your entire room that easy-going look which most of us crave.

Functionality is one of the strong features of this corner desk. It contains an adjustable leg pad which increases/decreases the unit’s height based on your requirements. A footrest allows you to relax after a long day at the office and a designated CPU space means you won’t have to place it on the ground.

The safety of its users is yet another area where this model really shines. Its round corner design makes sure that anyone colliding against the table isn’t at risk of any serious injury. Equally impressive is the way that it assembles – with its M-style buckles making the entire assembly process a cinch.

  • Safety round corner design
  • Package contains a CPU stand
  • Adjustable leg pad and footrest
  • Pricey

5. Soges 59×59 inch L-shaped desk

Soges 59x59 inch L-shaped desk

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None of the corner desks we have seen so far in this review can rival the Soges 59 x 59 inch when it comes to the workspace that it offers. So if you’re always running out of space, this model might be a solution to your predicament.


Tables that provide as large a workspace as the Soges is offering have to deal with a double-edged sword. On one end, they have to keep their weight in check, lest it scares away any potential buyers. On the other, they have to make sure that their legs have what it takes to ensure stability.

The Soges 59 x 59 inch performs this difficult task with aplomb. It weighs just over 30kgs – which is light weight for a corner desk that offers such a huge workspace – and has a sturdy X frame that is fully capable of lifting whatever weight you pile on top of this unit.

Next on the list of its worth-noting features are the adjustable leg pads. Apart from letting you increase/decrease its height by 1-2cm, the leg pads have a soft bottom. That allows you to place them on the hardwood floors with no danger of scratches.

To further sweeten the deal, this model offers two extras in its package, the first of which is a CPU holder to neatly tuck away your computer’s brain. The 2nd gift, meanwhile, is a cup holder whose utility is pretty self-explanatory.

  • Sturdy X frame
  • Wide tabletop
  • Extra cup holder
  • Directions given in the instruction manual could have been better

4. Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core Corner Desk

Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core Corner Desk

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Provided you have a contemporary home office in need of a décor that would perfectly complement its style, this L-shaped computer desk has all the attributes to become a stunning focal point.


Starting with the best feature that this model has to offer, and its storage options come into play. Apart from having three front-facing shelves – all of which can hold up to six hardcover books – it provides two side-facing shelves with enough space to store your PlayStation or similar gadgets.

Though the star attraction of this model has to be its three drawers. The one that is close to the ground has enough space to handle reams of your documents, whereas the two smaller ones which are right beneath the tabletop can easily handle six to seven standard size files.

Away from its functionality, this L-shaped desk has a modern, sleek design that’s sure to complement most modern offices. It sides measure 47.25 and 60 inches, so you have a reasonable expanse of space to work with. You can choose between a dark taupe (our favorite) or a white finish.

Provided you ask us, we recommend that you take the color pattern of your room into considering before deciding on the finish. If you have a modern homework office, the white finish would suit you better. The dark taupe finish will complement those spaces which have that traditional, Victorian décor.

  • Three adjustable shelves
  • Loads of storage options
  • Finishing on all sides
  • Astronomically expensive

3. Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Corner Desk

Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Corner Desk

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While most contemporary styled corner desks try to, not many of them are able to pull off the executive look as brilliantly as this L-shaped desk from Bush Furniture has managed to.


The Cabot L-shaped corner desk gives you three options when it comes to its style. You can choose the espresso oak or harvest oak finishes if you have an eye for traditional textures. The Espresso Oak pattern gives off a dark look whereas the all-white finish might attract the attention of millennials.

It contains multiple storage trays that fully extend to let you easily reach A4, legal, and letter-size files. Also provided are several cabinets to house bigger items, and one of them is shielded with a fluted glass door to add appeal to the entire structure.

Then there’s the hutch on the top which you can use to display mementos or store extra supplies. Though nothing this desk offers can rival its integrated 4-port USB hub in utility. Apart from keeping your wires organized, it makes sure that your devices stay connected.

Finishing our review of this corner desk with a glance at its workspace, and you’d be happy to note that it has a workspace of 59.45 inches which is extended on both sides and provides you plenty of room to do all your work.

  • Multiple storage options
  • Has that executive look
  • 4-port USB hub
  • Installation can be difficult

2. Target Marketing Systems desk

Target Marketing Systems desk

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One glance at this desk, and you can tell that it suits those who need a workstation with a small amount of space. Provided you think you fit in that category, the minimalistic design of this corner desk has got plenty to offer.


What do you expect from a desk as simple as this one? For starters, you’d be able to assemble it in less than an hour. Its small space means that almost all the homes on this planet won’t struggle to locate a space where to store it.

The thing that really astonished us about this desk is that it has made full use of whatever space it has to offer. You get a full-spaced drawer that can store all your medium-to-large-sized files, whereas both the wood shelves beneath the drawer can be used to store your notebooks and books.

On top of everything else, the classic design of the model will never go out of style, as it matches most decors. And while its minimalistic looks might not convey the impression of sturdiness, rest-assured that this model holds up well to abuse.

  • Classic, clean design
  • Has a small footprint
  • Great for small rooms
  • Not enough storage space for multi-taskers

1. Calico Designs Arch Tower Corner Desk

Calico Designs Arch Tower Corner Desk

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Research states that if we use a tower desk for three hours, we burn an extra 24 calories than if we had remained seated throughout that duration. Not sure how you can stand and still work? Calico Design has resolved this problem with its Arch Tower corner desk.


In contrast to what the preamble might have conveyed, this desk has something to offer whether you choose to remain seated or stand up during your work. For instance, if you wish to remain on your seat, its spacious desktop has ample room for you to place your paperwork and your computer.

There is also the slide-out keyboard tray with enough space for you to place your keyboard, mouse or a coffee cup. You can use the wood plank at the bottom to stack up against your supplies. Or if you are feeling unwell, you can clear it out and use it as your footrest.

Conversely, if you’re one of those persons who work standing, the two shelves at the top of this desk will help you in your quest. Both of them measure 31.5” W x 11”D to let you store all your work accessories away from the reach of children (and pets).

Additional features that you get with this model include 2 speaker shelves, 2 CD storage options which have 5 slots each and three floor levelers. And the entire unit is under the protection of a limited 10-year warranty.

  • Compact and efficient
  • 2 upper shelves above the tabletop
  • Speaker and CD storage options
  • Has floor levelers
  • Assembling might take some time

Best Corner Desk Buying GuideX

How to choose the best corner desk for your needs? To answer this crucial question, this section comes into play.

  • Material of construction: Most of the corner desks you see on the market are made of glass, wood or steel. Glass is more appealing to the majority because it makes your room look modern. Wood is less fragile than glass and is less likely to show up fingerprints and dust. Steel is undoubtedly the best of the lot as it offers more storage options, but it’s also more expensive.
  • Single or double-side storage: Single-side corner desks have a row of drivers on one side and a pullout shelf just below the top surface. Those which offer double-side storage have one row facing the wall and the other facing the user.
    We always recommend that you go for desks that offer more storage because you never know how many items you might have to handle in the future.
  • Easy assembly: You might already be aware of the fact that most desks require assembly. Depending on how much you trust your handyman skills, you might go for either a self-assembled desk or one which requires the help of a professional, though the latter options cost more money.
  • Functionality: As you’re most likely going to place your computer on the desks, make sure it comes with a grommet to keep wires organized. A slide-out keyboard tray is also something that you might want. And if you can spend extra, some desks provide a hutch on top for extra storage.


Whether you came here looking for a minimalistic corner desk, one with loads of storage options or that which could allow you to stand and work, our review has got you covered. Now the onus is on you to make the final call and select the product which you feel best to meet your requirements. Good luck!

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