Top 10 Best Above Ground Pools in 2021 Reviews

Do you need a pool for the backyard? The above ground pools have been recommended as the ideal pool for any backyard as they are portable and simple to set-up. These types of pools are designed using different water-proof materials, which you can always choose from. Due to this, the pool will provide long-term service. When you need to purchase the right above ground pool, you have to consider a wide range of features. For example, you need to check out for the frames, pool size, and set-up procedure among others.

Best Above Ground Pool Review

Apart from the above considerations, you may also check out for the set up of the pool, cost, and warranty.

10. Summer Waves Elite Wicker Above Ground Pool

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For the ultimate above the ground pool, this is one great selection, which will suit you better. The pool set is very spacious as it measures about 18 feet by 48 inches. With this, it will perfectly suit the whole family for a great time at the pool. Second, to this, the above ground pool is also safe as it features the pool cover. You will easily cover it whenever not in use.

With the SFX1500 SkimmerPlus filter pump, you can be assured of the safety of the water. The 1,500-gallon filter pump system is suitable for quick pumping of the water into the pool. Other than this, the pool will assure of a long-term service. This is due to the fact that it is designed using the durable metal frame.

  • 1,500-gallon filter pump
  • Durable metal frame
  • Pool cover
  • Deluxe maintenance kit

9. Intex Ultra-Frame Rectangular Above Ground Pool Set

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With the dimensions of 24 feet x 12 feet by 52-inches, this is one great above the ground pool that you will get ideal. The pool is spacious enough to accommodate more people at once. Due to this, it perfect for large families. Other than this, the pool set is simple to maintain as it comes with the maintenance kit needed.

It also features the new dual suction outlet fittings. This aids in improving the circulation of water that brings about enhanced water clarity and hygiene. Apart from this, the quality pool has the ground cloth and cloth cover that will help in keeping the pool safe. The process of pumping water into the pool is fast with the aid of the krystal clear sand filter pump.

  • 8,403 gallons water capacity
  • Quick set up procedure
  • Durable steel frames
  • Dual suction outlet fittings

8.  Cornelius Phoenix Round Steel Frame Above Ground Pool

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The construction of the pool will determine how long the pool will serve you. This is one quality and strong pool since it is built using the best round steel frame. With this, you get quality and long-term service just as expected. The pool has a dimension of 21 feet by 52 inches, which is spacious enough for more users.

Additionally, the quality pool will enhance the backyard due to its stylish design and precise fit. With the do-it-yourself assembly, it is a better choice that everyone will always like. Besides this, the above ground pool has a pool cover and with the powerful pump, you will easily fill it with water. The cost is kind of affordable despite the quality features.

  • Steel frame construction
  • 52-inches deep
  • Precise fit
  • Stylish design
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7. SUMMER WAVES Elite Wicker Above Ground Pool, 16 Ft by 48 inches

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Do you need the ultimate above the ground pool for your home? You can now try out this elegant and durable pool that will provide excellent and long-term service. This pool is built with the best steel frame that provides the support and long-term service needed. This is the reason why it will serve you for years.

It is simple to fill the pool with water. This is with the aid of the powerful 1,500-gallon filter pump system. In about 45 minutes, the pool will be completely filled with water and ready for use. It also provides you with a ground cloth, pool cover, and maintenance kit you will need in case of any breakdown. Apart from this, it features in different colors to choose from.

  • 16 feet by 48 inches
  • 1,500-gallon filter pump system
  • Durable frame construction
  • Filter pump and pool cover

6. Bestway Rectangular Frame Above Ground Pool 18ft x 9 ft x 48-inches

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Do you need a high quality pool that features ladders on all sides for easy climbing and getting off the pool? This is that amazing pool that you need for the backyard. It is very safe and delivers long-term service just as expected. The quality pool is built with rust-resistant frames that will assure you of long-term service. Due to this, you will enjoy years of service.

Additionally, the pool features the 3-ply sidewalls and heavy-duty PVC that also makes it durable and safe. Other than this, it comes with a sand filter system that will keep it free of sand. The pool also has a ground cloth, which implies that the floor isn’t slippery. It provides you with a pool cover and flows control connectors.

  • Heavy-duty PVC
  • Sand filter pump
  • Ground cloth and pool cover
  • Flow control connectors

5. Intex Metal Frame Pool 18 ft x 48-inches

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The process of setting up and maintaining the pool should always be elementary. With this pool set, you get the set-up and maintenance DVD that will guide you on every single step. Secondly, the pool is also safe and clear. This is because it features the dual suction outlet fittings that aid in boosting the water circulation. This results in clear and clean water.

Apart from this, the pool will stay protected whenever not in use. With the pool cover, you will always keep it safe. It also features the ground cloth and the cartridge filter pump, which will aid in filling the pool in about one hour. It has a capacity of 6,423 gallons and with the depth of 48-inches; you will find it convenient for swimming.

  • Super tough laminated sides
  • Set-up and maintenance DVD
  • Pool cover and ground cloth
  • Cartridge filter pump

4. 18 Ft x 52-Inches Phoenix Round Steel Frame Above Ground Pool by Cornelius

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Depending on the exact depth that you may need, this is a pool that is about 53-inches deep; hence suitable for different users. The pool is built using the strongest and durable steel frames that will last for the longest time possible. This is what makes it great for years of service. With the ground cover, the floor will never get slipper; hence you will not slide in the pool.

It also allows for quick assembling, which makes it perfect for every user. Due to the elegant fit and stylish design, this is a great choice of the pool that will provide the ultimate look in the backyard.

  • 52-inches deep
  • Steel construction
  • Precise fit and stylish design
  • Quick assembly
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3. Intex Metal Frame Above Ground Pool 15 Feet x 48-inches

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For the ideal selection of above ground pool, the Intex Metal Frame Above Ground Pool is one great choice to try out. This elegant pool is designed with the best rust-proof frames. This will provide the longest term of service just as needed. Other than this, the pool is also quick to set-up without hiring an expert. It comes with 120V filter pump with GFCI. This will boost the process of filling the pool in minutes.

Besides this, the above ground pool features the drain plugs that will easily drain the water from the pool. This is what brings about convenient water circulation; hence clear and hygiene. The pool cover will assure you of the safety of the pool while the ground cloth prevents the floor from being slippery.

  • 120V filter pump
  • Quick set-up
  • Rust-proof frames
  • Drain plugs

2. Bestway Steel Pro Above Ground Pool Set, 15ft x 48-inches

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In order to boost the process of draining the pool, this is one quality pool set that features the flow control drain valve. This is meant for draining the pool whenever needed to keep it fresh and clean. Secondly, the pool set is designed with the highest quality of round frames for long-term service. It also features the 3-ply band that will offer additional wall support. This implies that it can accommodate large water volume.

Other than this, the pool provides a quick set-up without the need of hiring an expert. This is one smart pool that will perfectly suit the backyard. It also has a large volume of about 4,231 gallons. Since it comes in different sizes, you can always get a larger or smaller size.

  • 3-ply band
  • Flow control drain valve
  • 4,231 gallons water capacity
  • Easy setup

1.  Intex Rectangular Frame Above Ground Pool 8.5 feet x 5.3 feet x 2.13-inches

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When you need a perfect above ground pool, which will serve kids from 6 years and above, then this is a perfect choice for you. The quality pool is set-up with the best and durable frame material; hence serves for long.

In addition to this, it also features the heavy-duty PVC and polyester 3-ply side walls that bring about additional support. With this, the pool will always withstand long-term service and the pressure of water. It makes the drainage system simpler and faster since it features the flow control valve. With this, you can easily regulate the water circulation system. The pool cover and ground cloth make the pool safe for every user. The deep isn’t too deep, which makes it perfect for kids and adults.

  • Rust-resistant frames
  • Easy to set-up
  • Heavy-duty PVC
  • Polyester 3-ply side walls

Above Ground Pools Buying Guide

In order to get the ultimate above ground pool, there are key features and factors that you will need to check out for. Some of these include:

  • Quality of Material : Since the pool will always be used outdoors, it needs to be designed using the rust-resistant material. You should, therefore, find one quality pool that is designed using strong steel frames that will offer you long-term service. Apart from this, the pool should also have strong walls that will withstand long-term service. You should also consider the presence of the ladders for getting into the pool.
  • Pool Size : The above ground pools have been designed in different sizes, which make it elementary to get the right pool size. Due to this, it is vital that you get a perfect pool by considering the dimensions and the depth. When you need a pool that will be used by both adults and kids, then the depth needs to be moderate. For a pool that will be used by more people, the size should be relatively larger. You also need to check the amount of space available for the pool before making the order.
  • Ground Cloth and Pool Cover : The safety of the pool is always very important. Since the pools are designed with metal frames, there is the possibility of the ground being slippery. This means that you need a pool with the ground cloth to keep it safe. Apart from this, always make sure it has a pool cover. This is for keeping the pool safe from particles and other elements when not in use.
  • Drainage System : Lastly, you also have to check out for the drainage system of the pool. It should feature the flow control valves that will enhance the drainage system of the pool. Get an ideal pool that will improve the water circulation for better hygiene and clarity.


These are some of the top rated and suitable above ground pools that you will find on the market. They are of the best quality as they have been designed with rust-proof materials. This implies that the pools will provide long-term service. The pools are also of various sizes, which make it elementary to get the ideal size. Additionally, these above ground pools are also quick to set up. This is because some come with the set-up DVD for easy follow up. They are also simple to maintain and features in various colors. Their prices are affordable despite being the best choices on the market today.

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