Top 10 Best Above Ground Pool Vacuums in 2021 Reviews

Frequent cleaning of the swimming pool is always vital as it will aid in keeping the pool clean and clear always. In carrying out the cleaning process, you have to get the ideal pool vacuum that will boost the cleaning. The above ground pool vacuum is recommended for quick and efficient cleaning of the above ground pools.

When you need to buy the ultimate pool vacuum, you have to check out for a number of factors. For example, you should check out for the size of the pool, the suction power of the vacuum, and installation process. You will also need to check out for the construction and cost of the pool vacuum.

Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum Reviews

The other important factors you will have to consider when making the purchase include; portability of the vacuum, cordless or corded vacuums, and construction among others.

10. Kokido Telsa 5 Rechargeable Above Ground Pool Vacuum

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You can now get the best vacuum for cleaning your pool by getting this reliable vacuum. The vacuum is user-friendly and with the wide nozzles and rotational balls, it will perfectly glide on the pool floor to leave it clean. Additionally, the pool vacuum is also large in size, which makes it suitable for cleaning the medium-sized above ground pools.

The versatile pool vacuum features adapters, which can always be used with multiple brand pool filter pumps. For example, it suits the general foam pools and Bestway among others. The powerful pool vacuum also features an extra-long and flexible foot. With the removable filter bag, you will easily offload the debris collected in the bag. Other than this, it is an ergonomic pool vacuum and can work with the suction power filter systems.

  • Versatile adapters
  • Larger size
  • Extra-long and flexible foot
  • Removable filter pump
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9. Poolmaster Big Sucker Leaf Pool Vacuum, 28300

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When you need the best solution for leaves that drop into the pool, this is the ideal pool vacuum you need to try out. The quality vacuum is designed to make the removal of leaves from the pool easier. It comes with a reusable leaf bag that you can always empty and reuses for the longest term possible.

Additionally, the powerful pool vacuum is highly durable since it is built with the best quality of ABS material. This will assure you of long-term service. Since it features a large 15-inch diameter, the pool will enhance the cleaning process. You can always use it for cleaning different above ground pools; hence a perfect selection. It also features four multi-directional wheels and 8 high-pressure water jets. These will perfectly clean the ground of the pool.

  • 15-inch in diameter
  • One reusable leaf bag
  • Eight high-pressure water jets
  • Four multi-directional wheels

8. Bestway Aqua Powercell Above Ground Pool Vacuum

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For elementary cleaning of the pool, this handheld pool vacuum is one great vacuum to give a try. The vacuum has a long and stable handle, which makes it simpler to move inside the pool. Due to this, you will get an excellent cleaning service. It also features a completely submergible body that will take away all the debris from the floor of the pool. This also enhances the water filtration process.

The pool vacuum is very reliable as it operates on a powerful rechargeable battery. With this, you get up to 40 minutes of runtime; hence will suit the cleaning of the pool without having to recharge. It also comes with two interchangeable heads that will guarantee long-term and convenient service.

  • Handheld pool vacuum
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Submergible body
  • 40 minutes runtime

7. Pool Supply Town Mini Jet Pool Vacuum Cleaner

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With the ergonomic design, this is a user-friendly pool vacuum that you will easily use to clean the whole pool. The vacuum is perfect for different pools due to the high suction power. Apart from this, the pool is also versatile and can be used for cleaning the hot tub, spa, and Jacuzzi beside the pool. With the rechargeable battery, it will provide a longer runtime just as expected.

It can easily attach to the standard garden hose to make the cleaning simpler and faster. The pool vacuum is also perfect for removing the debris, leaves, and any form of dirt from the pool. Due to this, it will leave the pool stunningly clean. The cost of the pool vacuum is greatly reduced and will perfectly suit your budget.

  • Simple design
  • User-friendly pool vacuum
  • Attached to a garden hose
  • Budget-friendly vacuum

6. Hayward 900 Wanda Whale Suction Above-Ground Pool Vacuum Cleaner

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In order to complete the cleaning of the pool in a few seconds, this is a perfect pool vacuum that you need to give a try. The vacuum features an advanced and countered head design. This will enhance the steering pattern to be done within the shortest time possible.

Apart from this, the vacuum features the gearing system that brings about constant balanced water flow. This assures of a quiet operation and gentle movement of the vacuum all over the pool. Due to this, you will easily clean the pool. In addition to this, it has the deluxe bumper ring. This always minimizes the friction to boost the movement away from the walls. It will also boost the resumption of the steering pattern.

  • Gearing system
  • Deluxe bumper ring
  • Contoured head design
  • Quick installation
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5. Nova Microdermabrasion Automatic Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

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For both above ground and in-ground pools, this is a perfect pool vacuum that will boost the cleaning process. The pool vacuum delivers the best performance due to the presence of the diaphragms that greatly enhances the functions. Apart from this, the cleaner is able to navigate through all corners with improved agility. This greatly shortens the time taken in cleaning the pool. It is an ergonomic vacuum cleaner that you will connect in less than five minutes to begin the cleaning.

Besides this, the quality vacuum provides great suction power that will clean the swimming pool effortlessly from the top to the bottom. With the minimal sound, the vacuum will assure you of convenient cleaning system just as expected. The inexpensive price of the vacuum cleaner makes it suitable for all pools.

  • Easy to operate
  • Great suction power
  • Wheel deflectors
  • Enhanced Agility

4. Skooba Kokido Max Vac Above Ground Pool Vacuum Cleaner, K563CBX

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You can now get the ideal solution for all the debris by trying out this quality and powerful pool vacuum. It is known for filtering all the debris to leave the pool clean. This will keep the water clear just as needed. Secondly, the quality pool vacuum is simple to set up and in less than five minutes, you will be ready to start the cleaning. It has the transparent twist top that easily comes off to get rid of all the debris from the pool.

The pool vacuum is multi-functional as it can clean pools of small to medium sizes. The pool should also have a pump of above 500 GPH. It comes with the filter bag that aids in collecting the debris, and then gets emptied.

  • Filter debris
  • Connects to the water outlet
  • Transparent twist top
  • Removable filter bag

3. POOLWHALE Portable Pool Vacuum Cleaner

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When you need an affordable and efficient pool vacuum that will suit the above ground pools, this is a great choice to get started with. The quality vacuum cleaner is versatile and affordable. It also provides a warranty for one year. It can be used for cleaning the spas, ponds, and fountains beside the pools. Second, to this, the pool vacuum can easily fit the standard telescopic poles. This is what aid in the quick cleaning of the pool floor.

The process of installation and operation is simpler and quicker. This definitely saves time and great for every all pool. It comes with four sections poles of 48-inches and brushes that aids in easy and convenient cleaning of the pool. It will easily collect the leaves, stones, and stains from the pool. This is aided by the powerful suction.

  • Powerful suction
  • One year warranty
  • Four sections poles
  • Multi-functional vacuum

2. Hayward Aqua Critter Automatic Pool Vacuum

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Does your pool have a dished out or flat design? In case you have such types of above ground swimming pools, then this is the perfect pool vacuum to use. It has been designed to enhance the cleaning in a very short time. The head and 30 feet hose greatly boost the cleaning process. The skimmer cone is also essential in speeding up the cleaning of the entire pool.

Apart from this, it features the unique pre-programmed pattern. With this, it easily cleans the whole pool by vacuuming up all the leaves and debris. This will, therefore, leave the water as clear as needed. The affordable price of the vacuum makes it great for different users as it will always suit the budget.

  • 30 feet hose
  • Unique pre-programmed pattern
  • Ideal for all pools
  • Affordable pool vacuum

1. Intex Handheld Rechargeable Above Ground Pool Vacuum

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You can keep the pool water clean and clear by vacuuming out the debris and dirt using this powerful vacuum. The pool vacuum has a strong suction boosted by the built-in Ni-MH battery. With this, it easily collects all the debris and leaves from the pool. It also comes with two interchangeable heads that will enhance the cleaning process.

The versatile vacuum is recommended for all above ground and Pure Spas of up to 18-feet. Other than this, it is the best-selling vacuum cleaner for the pool you can now rely on for convenient and long-term service. The ergonomic pool vacuum has an automatic shut-off feature and IPX8 waterproof switch. Since it only operates when submerged in water, it will automatically switch off when taken from the water.

  • Automatic shutoff
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Powerful suction
  • IPX8 waterproof switch

Above Ground Pool Vacuum Buying Guide

By considering different features and factors, you will definitely get the best pool vacuum for your pool. Here are some of the main considerations to try out.

  • Suction PowerThe suction power of the vacuum is a vital feature to check out when buying the vacuum cleaner. For the best pool vacuum that will easily clean the entire pool, make sure that it has great suction power. This should be determined by the motor of the vacuum. The stronger the suction power, the less time you will take in cleaning the pool.
  • Installation ProcessYou need an ergonomic pool vacuum that will take a few minutes to install. When making the order, always check the time it will take you to install the vacuum before beginning the cleaning process. It should take less than minutes to fully install. Apart from this, also check out for the design, which needs to be user-friendly.
  • Size of the PoolThe pool vacuums always operate differently. Depending on the size of the pool, you need to get the ideal vacuum size that will perfectly clean the pool within the shortest time possible. The larger pools will definitely need more powerful vacuums compared to the smaller pools. This implies that for quick and efficient cleaning, the larger and powerful pool vacs are recommended.
  • Price and WarrantyIn most cases, users only worry about the price of the vacuum cleaner. It is a vital factor that you will have to check every time you make an order. Get the ideal selection, which is affordable and durable. You also need to ask about the warranty of the vacuum, which needs to be provided upon making the purchase.


These are now the ultimate above ground pool vacuums that every pool owner will find suitable for cleaning the pool. They are powerful vacuums that will always enhance the cleaning process by collecting the leaves, debris, stains, and stones from the pool. In addition to this, they are also user-friendly pool vacs that you will install in minutes to clean the pool. The pool vacuums are suitable for different pool sizes, which imply that you need to get the best vacuum that will suit the pool. They are appropriate for cleaning the entire pool from the top to bottom; hence the ideal pick to get started with today.


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